Cleanis Aqua Pre-Moistened Shampoo Gloves

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The Cleanis Aqua Total Hygiene No-Rinse Shampoo Glove enables the caregiver and/or nursing staff to wash the patient’s hair without transporting the patient to a bathroom/sink/basin. Easily clean and refresh the hair with the No-rinse Shampoo Disposable Glove with hypoallergenic lotion. The glove is fully lined with additional protective liner to protect the caregiver. These gloves have been hospital tested and approved so get yours today.

Instructions for use :
  1. Open pack
  2. Take one shampoo glove (two for long hair) and slide hand inside (preferably protected by a medical vinyl glove). Close pack.
  3. Wash hair, allows skull massaging. The product does not require any rinsing.
  4. Gently mop dry the hair, comb or brush as usual.

Do not dispose of into the toilets. Dispose of according to currently applying protocols: dispose of into regular waste or in hazardous waste disposal if required.


  • Single-use product. Do not use more than one time.
  • Do not use on damaged skin. In case of infectious risks, use one pack of gloves for one single patient. Rinse thoroughly the eye in case of contact or the mouth in case of ingestion. If in doubts, call a doctor.

These gloves are intended for one time use

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  • Brand/Manufacturer:Cleanis
  • Included In Box:12 gloves

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