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ResMed Mirage Quattro™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

SKU 6120X
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  • Improved vent design reduces noise levels by 50% from the Ultra Mirage Full Face.
  • Dual-Wall forehead cushion boosts comfort and support.
  • Specially designed cushion accommodates for jaw drop.
  • Easily remove the headgear without interfering with mask settings.
  • Innovative cushion creates a strong seal to the face, preventing leaks often associated with Full Face CPAP masks.
  • The forehead MicroFit dial can be adjusted to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose.
The ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask provides the highest standards in comfort, quietness, and efficiency through the use of multiple innovative features. The ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP mask has proven to be the most popular full face CPAP mask on the market today. Used by sleep labs and cpap patients world wide, the ResMed Mirage Quattro is the most comfortable, quietest, and overall better fitting full face CPAP mask on the market today according to patient reviews. The new MicroFit dial allows the patient to find the exact fit, preventing leaks and boosting comfort while relieving pressure on the bridge of the nose. Headgear clips allow you to conveniently remove the mask without interfering with settings eliminating the need to constantly adjust the mask.

The ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP mask has a built in quick release to allow CPAP users to get up during the night, without having to remove their CPAP mask. This CPAP mask is excellent for mouth breathers, and can be used with CPAP and BiPAP therapy at any pressure setting. Replacement cushions are available for longevity of your ResMed Mirage Quattro CPAP Full Face mask.

Please choose a size when ordering. Sizes available are:
61200 - Extra Small
61201 - Small
61202 - Medium
61203 - Large

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  • HCPCS Reimbursement Code:A7030, A7035
  • Included In Box:CPAP Mask, Single Cushion, Headgear, Patient Manuals
  • Brand/Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Prescription Required:Yes
  • Cushion Type:Silicone
  • Multiple Sizes Included:No

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Product Reviews for the ResMed Mirage Quattro™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear (6120X)

Average Rating

by Anonymous on October 4, 2007

This is absolutely the best mask I've ever used. It seals well, it's quiet if you use 2-3 wraps of plumber's teflon tape on the elbow and then it's really quiet and very, very comfortable. my old mask was a fischer-paykel 431 and this (resmed quattro) is like night and day better in comparison

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by Anonymous on February 24, 2009

LEAKS! The gel material around the mask contributes to more oils coming out of my skin during the night so that by early morning the mask develops leaks. No problem first thing at night though and I get right to sleep. I am wondering if other users have the same problem but just don't report them.

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by Anonymous on April 14, 2009

I have complex sleep apnea and need very high pressures. My original prescription was 30, but no mask would stay sealed. My Dr. changed it to 25, but that is still a lot of pressure. This mask was recommended to me, but due to the high pressures, I had to tighten it quite a bit. It really made the bridge of my nose sore, so I tried every other mask that my supplier had. None of them would stay sealed. I went back to this mask as it is the only one that will work. It still makes the bridge of my nose very red and sore, but at least it works. It is a good mask and I would recommend it.

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by Anonymous on October 7, 2008

Fits pretty good, but have to have rather tight because of the high pressure I have to use (16). I get some leak at the corners on my mouth unless I use a chin strap. I switch with another mask to give my face some "relief".

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by Anonymous on June 13, 2010

I am new to CPAP therapy. This is my first mask. At first I spent a lot of time fiddling with it, trying to make it comfortable - I'm a side-sleeper. My pressure is at 6. Then I read some of the tips on ResMed's site. It says the tighter you pull the straps, upper & lower, the worse the leaks. Start out with the micro-adjust forehead dial all the way extended. Place the mask on, turn on the machine and lie down. Fit the velcro straps while in lying-down position (face pointing up - not to the side). The lighter you adjust the headgear, the better the seal - and especially with the machine on. But of course use common sense. You don't want the straps so loose that the mask falls off... It does slide around a little and air leaks, but just a quick pull of the mask away from my face and reposition it while the air is flowing, and I'm good to go. My only complaint is the upper strap tends to slide up to the top of my head so I wear my hair in a pony tail and position the strap below my pony tail.

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by Anonymous on February 28, 2009

This is a fairly comfortable mask. It must be replaced frequently in order for the gel seal to work optimally. One major problem: when I turn on my side towards my wife, she gets a "brain freeze" from the consistent breeze caused by the exhaust tube. I am presently researchingh the possibility of a diffuser which would alleviate the problem. I need a tube attachment which causes the airstream to go UP instead of straight out of the tube. Any suggestions?

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by Anonymous on May 20, 2008

I have the Resmed Quattro and love their dual seal design. I have a beard and still get a good seal. Its wearing well and disassembly is easy too. Good safe and reliable design

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by Anonymous on April 4, 2012

I have used this mask for about 6 months. In the beginning like most it took some getting use too. As to getting a good seal along with comfort I have steps I use and hope it may help others. 1. Remember you can over tighten straps causing leaks. 2. I open the adjustment for the four head pad fully. 3. I tighten the straps for the four head and then tighten straps for chin pad. 4. I make sure I position my nose directly in front of pressure relief holes in mask. 5. I turn on my unit and began to adjust the head trap adjustment to lessen the gap. I know when I have obtained the correct Position when I exhale in my mask does not inflate. My exhale air is passing through holes in mask. When your prescription demand high-volume your mask must be adjusted properly or you will get the feeling you can't breathe, plus if the air cannot escape it will inflate your mask and pull away from your face causing leaks. This is a beautiful mask when you hit the sweet spot!

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by Anonymous on November 29, 2009

I too had issues with the bridgeof the nose redness at first. Now that I have been wearing it for a few months, I have found that it "breaks in" and it is comfortable, airtight (even with a full beard) and comfortable. Well worth the price!

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by Anonymous on September 19, 2011

Yes this is true about the redness of the nose bridge and the strap marks on the face. Oily skin also causes an issue. So here are some helpful tips my doc has passed along. First use Ivory soft soap when cleaning the parts and your face. I have to admit it works, not sure exactly why but it makes the best seal and doesn't allow your face to get so oily during the night. Second, try mole-skin on the bridge of your nose. Women will know what this is for us guys that don't. Might not be a complete relief but better then waking up with the sore red nose. Also for those that want to use the nasal pillows. Been there and for me I came back to the full mask. Just get a better night sleep and more air into my body with it. Doc says to switch off between the two. Use the full mask for a few days and then use the pillows. Have to figure out your schedule on this as her suggestion was to base it upon your planned following day's activities / work. Hope this helps some people out there.

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by Anonymous on August 3, 2010

Most comfortable mask.. My pressure is 16+ and I have a beard. No problems...

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by dunwawry on July 4, 2009

I don't like this mask. I am like a previous user, my face gets oily by the end of the night (and I must wash it right before bed), which makes the mask start sliding and leaking. Worse than that though is that no matter how I adjust it I end up with sores on the bridge of my nose. I spent quite a bit of time working with this mask as it was my first and all that I had, and found it just plain uncomfortable. I have since switched to the Respironics Comfort Gel and am SOOOO much happier.

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by Anonymous on September 18, 2010

I bought a neck pillow shaped like a U. You can buy them at Wal-mart or Wallgreens for $6.00 or so ,this pillow keeps your chin elevated and helps keep the mask from shifting the pillow really helps, and is comfortable.

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by Anonymous on July 23, 2010

This is the second mask I tried. I really like it. I agree with the guy about the exhaust vent on the forehead blowing his partner out of the bed... lol. My husband complains about the cold breeze, so I have a small pillow I use to block the air from blasting him in the face :) But, overall, I like this mask. At first I made the mistake of over-tightening the straps which leads to soreness on the bridge of the nose and more leaks. Kind of counter-intuitive, but if you loosen the straps you get a better seal.

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by Anonymous on July 27, 2013

This mask will give you a migrane headache by morning!!!!! It leake around your eyes and all of the air pressure goes behind your eyes....I am a side sleeper and it does not take this mask very long to start that leaking....would not recommend this mask to anyone ----unless you want a migrane headache....

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by Anonymous on April 4, 2011

This was the first mask I used; I had the same problems with soreness and marks over the bridge of my nose. So I tried the nasal pillow hybrid (it has a nasal pillow and a part that covers your mouth) because I open my mouth when I sleep. I have tried chin straps. I have tried gel masks. They all leak at some point during the night...yes, usually later in the night. But this one is the one that tends to get me the best results. So I bear with the red markings on my nose and forehead out of just plain desperation. I don't have a particularly high pressure (13). But it just has to be wrenched on every night and kept immaculately clean for to to work. But it is my only solution. I think mask buying is a case by case and what works for some does not work for others. We just have to find the mask that offers the best compromise of function and fit. This one is it for me.

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by Anonymous on August 31, 2010

This mask works very well for me. I have a high pressure setting and so I had to tighten down the straps to the point where my neck chaffed. Solution was to go to Lowe's/Home Depot and buy a painters hood for $1.95. Mage of a cotton muslin they worked great as they cover the full head and neck with a large cutout for the face mask. They are washable and can be reused many times but are cheap and easy to pack for travelling.

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by Anonymous on April 11, 2009

Left marks all over my face, especially the bridge of my nose. Leakage of air out the bottom.

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by Anonymous on February 28, 2013

I have used this mask for 2 years. It's a great mask for people with facial hair. I have a full beard and I don't have to tighten it to tight. I wouldn't use anything else.

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by Anonymous on July 27, 2009

Just started using this mask and the bridge of my nose is already sore. Like some of the other reviewers my face is oily and by morning it leaks like crazy and is impossible to adjust. I want to try a nasal pillow mask.

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by Anonymous on November 26, 2008

This is a good mask. I've tried a couple types of full-fase masks and this is the only one that will maintain a seal with my fu-man-chu beard. The only downside to this one is the POS (piece of sh***) supply company doesn't recognize the top cushion in their ordering system. So WHEN (rare) I get supplies, I never get the top cushion.

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by Anonymous on June 4, 2013

Pay attention: if you have redness/sore nose bridge, your mask is too tight! Period!!! End of story. I have found that the hose to the mask, turned upside down (over the head) keeps me from restricted movement. I even use a rubber band to hold the hose over my head AND slope on my side. People, you have to understand, these companies who make these things spend years of time and money on research on making these things work. All you have to do is quit whining and wear it. Oily face? Brain freeze? Bandaide? Good grief people. Follow the instructions! I am on my 2nd cpap and SWEAR by it. NO complaints, no leaks, no slipping around on the face. Just happy to get deep sound, 8 hours sleep. Won't leave home without it. BTW, ResMed does make a vanilla piece that fits over the bridge of the nose for a couple bucks, but that only tells me, YOU don't have the right fit. Quit complaining, after a few weeks you will find all these dumb complaints are just that. Dumb!!!

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by Anonymous on August 6, 2012

In general, I found this mask comfortable, but my biggest problem is, after taking it off in the morning, I end up with a very bad 'rubbery' odour/taste in my mouth and it upsets my stomach, which lasts for a few days. This has caused me to stop using this mask. Conclusion is it helps my sleep, but makes me sick otherwise!

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by dmj8973 on July 24, 2012

I have tried several differnet masks over the years and this one is fair. The mask has a number of very sharp edges. I have actually cut my fingers several times while adjusting the mask during the night. Unless you tighten the mask snug it tends to slide around during the night then you wake up with a headache because you have the the mask so tight.

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by dphowe on July 16, 2012

I have been using this mask for about three years now with very few problems. In the beginning, as the first and now only full face mask I have used, I adjusted to it very quickly, and sometimes it feels like it's not even there. I do agree with others that it can be tightened too much causing redness or even leaks near the eyes, but that is just the nature of the game. Overall, the object of the game is an uninterrupted 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

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by Anonymous on May 22, 2011

TOO MUCH Mask, just can't get use to all of that on my face when trying to go to sleep. But once you get use to it, it really helps you sleep.

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by Anonymous on May 11, 2011

My husband can wear this one with his beard! He absolutely loves it!

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by Anonymous on September 23, 2010

I don't know if it is because I am a new cpap user but I find the seals leak and I need to adjust the head gear to tight often waking up with a headache. I am a side/stomach sleeper which I find almost impossible to do.

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by Anonymous on September 4, 2009

9/04/09. one of the better masks that i have tried abandoned and have goene back to. forget the res med nasal liberty nasal cushion mask. like to blow what little brains i have out of my head. back to the mirage quattro full face mask. all the above critiques do apply....oily skin, some leaks, bridge of nose discomfort, etc. yet, i still get the best seal for most of the night. i do use a "heavy duty fabric bandaid (target store brand)over the bridge of my nose. can cut to fit and reuse for at least a week. this does make a difference. when i wake up in the morning, i do have the sahara desert in my mouth but, nevertheless, a good nights sleep and little to no bridge of the nose. in summary, this is a more effective and copmfortable mask than any other i have tried.

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by Anonymous on January 11, 2014

I'm a new CPAP (actually BiPAP) user - I tried nasal pillows but because I have trouble not breathing via my mouth (deviated septum blah blah poor me...) I actually find the full mask more comfortable. I have a beard, sleep on my back (mostly) and have had no problems. My biggest beef is the air from the machine (and the exhaust port) is chilly. Machine has a heated humidifier so I don't know what else can be done. Like all first-time users, I've been trying to get used to the whole rig - but generally speaking I'm liking the results, and I like the mask. I'm going to buy one of the all-fabric models (not from this company)a friend has one and raves about that. Insurance won't cover fabric masks however - they don't last apparently.

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by Anonymous on October 30, 2011

Have only been on the CPAP machine about 7 weeks but this mask has been the best one for me so far. I too have a beard and this has caused me no problem with leaks at all. I also do not have to tighten down that hard at all to make it work for me. I use an 11 setting for my pressure and this still doesn't bother my fit. At some point I will experiment with other masks but for now this is the one !

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by Anonymous on February 23, 2011

I have tried 7 masks that came with my bipap machine from the doctor. this mask was the best out of the 7 given to me. It is by far the easiest to breathe with. The mask dose leave a little redness around the entire contact patch from the pressure against the skin. It leaves you looking a little like Homer Himpson when you wake up, but it goes away in about 30 minutes. After about 2 years of use one of the headstrap clips broke. I replaced it with the headstrap from the ultra mirage mask I also had. The new head strap was much more comfortable. All of the headstraps I have tried hurt the back of my neck by mid-night due to how tight I have to sinch them down. they also tend to cause a sweat rash on the back of the neck. A very good and easy solution to combat this is to fold a wash cloth in half and drape it around the back of your neck before putting the mask on. This absorbs any excess sweat or oil, and spreads out the strap pressure preventing any soreness from the strap pressure on your neck. It works like a charm. As far as oily skin issues with this mask. Wash your face, wash your mask, reduce your oily food intake. you will have the same issues with any other mask you try. I hate sleeping with CPAP masks but if you have to this seems to be the best one to use.

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by Anonymous on January 20, 2009

Do Not Buy This Mask! The elbow broke off of the mask during sleep after about 30 days of use. There is no fix and no warranty. $165 down the drain.

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