What to Expect During Your Sleep Study

Posted Jun 21, 2012 by Kristen P. in CPAP & Sleep Apnea Info

Whether your doctor suspects some form of sleep disorder, or you’ve had a diagnosis for years, chances are you will be required at some point to undergo a full sleep study (known clinically as a polysomnogram) to either diagnosis or reevaluate your current sleep problems. Though the test itself will probably not be the most comfortable or relaxing night’s sleep you’ve ever had, your sleep study does not have to be a dreaded experience. Educating yourself about your experience and preparing for the possible experiences you might have will go a long way in calming your nerves for your next sleep study. Below are a few things to expect or remember for your first (or follow-up) polysomnogram:

1) Sleep Studies Have Many Purposes – Seasoned CPAP users may not feel they need a sleep study to continue their treatment, and undiagnosed individuals may not believe there is actually anything wrong, but regardless of your feelings about the study, remember this – a sleep study is an important procedure that is not prescribed lightly. Your physician truly believes in the need for your study – whether it be to assess your current CPAP prescription’s effectiveness or to find the cause of your sleepless nights – and it wouldn’t be prescribed for you if not totally necessary.

2) Prior to Arriving – An important thing to remember before your sleep study is to spend the day avoiding alcohol, caffeine or daytime naps. All of these things can affect your sleep in a multitude of ways. Also, pack appropriately for your overnight stay. Comfortable sleepwear, your personal pillow, and any other comfort items you normally need for sleep will be important in making your night as comfortable as possible.

3) Your Sleep Center – Many people who’ve never had a study done before worry about the setting in which they be asked to approximate a normal sleep. Some think of a hospital bed and wonder how they will ever sleep there like they do at home. While many sleep centers are affiliated with or located at a hospital, most sleeping facilities are much more like your bedroom than a typical hospital room. Sleep physicians realize that you need a comfortable atmosphere to truly sleep well and accommodate the room accordingly. You should have a relatively comfortable bedroom with accessible bathroom for your sleep study. Most are more like moderately-priced hotel rooms versus a hospital room. If you are nervous about your sleep study’s location (or just want to have an image in your mind of where you’ll be spending the night), arrange a visit to the sleep center during the daytime.

4) When You Arrive – On the night of your study, you will be given an arrival time. Make sure to be on time as there is much to be done in the way of preparing you. Sleep technicians at the center will ask you to prepare for bed fairly soon after you arrive, and then expect about 45 minutes of set-up time (though it can be longer for more complex studies) for the equipment you’ll be wearing to monitor your body while you sleep. You should generally expect to be monitored via an EEG (electrodes will be attached to your scalp, painlessly, with a mild paste to assess your brain waves and functions), a heart monitor, a snore microphone, a belt to measure breathes, and a monitor that assesses muscle movement. After all your wires and leads are connected, you may also be asked to wear a nasal cannula that measures airflow from your nose. The wires and monitors may be a bit intimidating at first, but try not to think of them as you attempt to get comfortable for your night’s sleep.

5) As You Go to Sleep – At some sleep centers, techs will have other patients to set-up prior to beginning your study. It’s important to remember that you should not fall asleep before your study begins, so bring reading material or, is applicable, watch the center-provided television. Try to relax and prepare yourself for sleep so that you will be ready to drift off as quickly as possible once your study begins. After your technician is done with the other patients in the center, you may be asked to signal to him or her when you feel ready to go to sleep. At this point, he will begin monitoring you and your sleep study will have officially begun.

6) Through the Night – The most stated concern that people have about their sleep study is that they won’t fall asleep. Most people do just fine, despite the wires and unfamiliar environment, but if you have a history of insomnia or are truly concerned about your ability to drift off, speak with your doctor about it prior as he might prescribe a sleeping medication. Also, another thing to remember (and this does vary from sleep center to sleep center) is that you may be woken up in the middle of the night and hooked up to a CPAP machine. Some centers perform a split-night study that accomplishes your diagnosis and CPAP titration all in one evening. Current CPAP users may be asked to complete the entire study using their CPAP at their prescribed pressure. This type of study helps determine how effective your machine and pressure are for your disorder.

7) The Next Morning – Tell your sleep technician what time you’d like to be woken in the morning, as there probably won’t be clocks in your room. When you awake, you will have all leads and wires removed quite quickly and will be given the option of taking a shower at some centers. After getting ready to leave, your polysomnogram will be complete. You will not receive any results or information about the study that morning, but will instead have to wait until after your doctor reviews the results.

Overall, the study won’t probably be the best thing you’ve ever done, but it certainly won’t be the worst. If you have more questions or concerns, remember to talk to your doctor about them. Be prepared the help combat any nervousness that might occur.

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Father’s Day Savings at CPAP Supply USA!

Posted Jun 14, 2012 by Kristen P. in Store News


Free Tubing with Mask PurchaseStarting today through Sunday June 17th, CPAP Supply USA is celebrating Father’s Day by offering our customers one FREE Romax Lightweight Tube with the purchase of a new CPAP mask (only select CPAP masks are eligible – Excludes all ResMed brand masks).

This Father’s Day weekend, experience the comfort of a new mask AND receive a free revolutionary new lightweight tubing. Add the eligible CPAP mask to your cart, and then use discount code DAD2012 to receive your free Romax tubing.

Do you have trouble with your CPAP mask pulling while you sleep? Are you an active or restless sleeper who wakes up with mask leaks? There are a few solutions to these very common problems, and lightweight, slim tubing is one of those options. Designed to reduce the weight placed on your mask at night, while also being more flexible and easy-to-move, Romax Lightweight Tubing helps active sleepers keep their masks in place better throughout the night.

Other solutions for active sleepers include searching for a newer mask design that is built to withstand movement as you sleep. The Respironics GoLife Series are nasal pillows-style CPAP masks with cushions that inflate and insulate against nighttime movement. The new Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal CPAP Mask is so lightweight and easy to adjust that it, too, can help those active sleepers out there.

Sometimes CPAP problems can be overcome with slight tweaks of your equipment choices. Use this opportunity to try a new CPAP mask and get our lightest, most comfortable-to-use, tubing available!

Sale extends through 6/17/2012. Only one free tubing per order. Tubing is a $19.99 value. Excludes all ResMed brand items.

Click here to shop eligible CPAP masks now!


Our Staff's Favorite CPAP Products!

Posted Jun 6, 2012 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

The staff at CPAP Supply USA pride themselves in their knowledge of the newest, and the best, CPAP masks, machines and supplies available. Through their conversations with customers every day, these customer service associates hear, first-hand, how products work and how effective they are for our CPAP users.

We've gathered a few of our most experienced and friendly reps together to get a list of their favorite CPAP products. Jonathan, Carol, Paula and Jen have each chosen a favorite Nasal Mask, Full Face Mask, Nasal Pillows System, CPAP Machine, and CPAP Accessory. Read their notes below!


Jonathan Dix – Lead Customer Service Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Respironics TrueBlue

“Respironics TrueBlue is highly recommended for first time CPAP users and excellent side sleepers.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Respironics OptiLife

“Respironics Optilife is great for patients who like the pillow systems and are a mouth breather because it has a built in chin strap and it also comes with all the sizes you need.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX

“Resmed Quattro FX is very comfortable and perfect for people who watch TV or read before they go to sleep.”

Favorite CPAP – The Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard Plus with SmartFlex and Humidifier

“Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard Plus CPAP with SmartFlex and humidifier very good for first time users to CPAP comes with great comfort features and a 5 Year warranty.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Battery Pack

“CPAP Battery Pack can last up to 24 hours. It works awesome for patients who travel, go camping or if you live in a area where the power might go out.”


Carol Breedlove – Customer Service Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Sleepweaver Cloth Mask

“I like the soft cloth mask and it comes in a variety of colors. Not a big bulky type mask.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Swift FX for Her

“Pink in color for her. Light weight. No marks on your face . Comes with 3 sizes , you choose the best size that fits you.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX for Her

“You can watch TV and read with this mask on before you fall asleep. Love that Pink color.”

Favorite CPAP – The PR SystemOne REMstar Auto IQ CPAP and Humidifier

“Great Price for this machine. Has SD card, humidifier, Highly recommended . Autoset, you control the pressure . Lifesaver to me.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Tube Brush

“Flexible, easy to use. Really helps to clean your tubing.”


Paula Furr – Center Manager with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The ResMed Mirage FX for Her

“Very comfortable, minimal strap marks, extremely light weight.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Innomed Nasal Aire II with All Size Pillows

“Like that 6 sizes come with this mask and that the tubing goes behind the ears.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The RespCare Hybrid

“Can still read or watch TV before falling asleep. Includes multiple sizes for the nostrils and the mouth.”

Favorite CPAP – The ResMed S9 AutoSet with Humidifier and ClimateLine Tubing

“Quietest unit on the market, simple to read, and the heated tubing does not allow any condensation.”

Favorite Accessory – The SnuggleHose Snuggle Strap

“Comes in lots of colors, really soft, washable and best of all no strap marks on your face!”


Jen Hines – Inside Sales Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Respironics ComfortGel

“Ultra Soft. Virtually unbreakable. Can be worn at any pressure. Very easy to fit. Provides a good seal.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The ResMed Swift Bella

“Can be worn by women with low pressures. Less cumbersome than traditional NP systems. Will not mess up your hair. Now I'm waiting for the Edward to come out.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX

“Can still read or watch TV while wearing it. Good at any pressure, even high ones. No forehead pad.”

Favorite CPAP – The Respironics PR SystemOne Auto with Heated Humidifer

“Great machine. Durable. Quiet. Portable. And best of all affordable.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Aromatherapy Kit

“You can choose your scent. Help you with compliance and a good night’s sleep.”

For questions, or to speak with one of our experienced CPAP Supply USA Customer Service Reps, please call us at 866-560-2727 or visit our website home page!

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New! Mask Kits at CPAP Supply USA

Posted Jun 1, 2012 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

Your CPAP mask is, arguably, the most important part of your CPAP set-up, and its care and maintenance go a long way in assuring you the most effective sleep therapy. Many CPAP users don’t realize that CPAP masks, and their various parts, need replacing quite often to provide you with the highest levels of comfort and quality while you sleep. Delicate silicone cushions can tear or lose their shape; headgear loses it elasticity; and mask frames, while the most durable of the mask parts, can also crack and wear.

CPAP Mask Assembly KitsLast week, we launched a brand new product category that will help you replace those parts of your mask that wear the most – CPAP Mask Assembly Kits. For our most popular ResMed and Fisher & Paykel CPAP masks, we have built easy-to-buy items that allow you to ‘refresh’ or ‘rebuild’ your CPAP mask.

Our Mask Assembly Kits generally include a mask frame, cushion, and option for a new headgear. We make it easy for you to ensure that your therapy is always in top shape! Our priority, at CPAP Supply USA, is not only your convenience and shopping ease, but also to ensure that our customers have the most effective CPAP therapy possible with the highest quality of equipment. New Mask Assembly Kits are just one more way we are attempted to reach that goal. As always, please contact our customer service team with any questions.

View our CPAP Mask Assembly Kits here.

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