Guide to Healthy Sleep

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CPAP Supply USA - Guide to Healthy Sleep

CPAP Supply USA believes in Sleep Therapy education and wellness. And that is why we continue to pass along information on sleep therapy, sleep apnea, and any respiratory related guides and topics to ensure you and your loved ones are well informed. Read the following tips on healthy sleep:


    •  Naps are great!
    •  Naps should never be a substitute for a good night’s sleep
    •  Naps can help to make up for sleep lost during the night
    •  Keep naps no longer than 20 minutes to avoid issues waking from the nap
    •  Avoid naps after 3pm if having issues falling asleep at night

    •  Ensure your mattress is the right one for you and your comfort
    •  Pillows are an important part of a good night’s sleep so choose one that fits you and
       your comfort level
    •  Turn your clock around so it doesn’t distract if you are a CLOCK WATCHER
    •  Don’t lie in bed awake over 20 minutes or if anxious and worried…this will make falling
       asleep more difficult

    •  Your room temperature should be adjusted to your comfort level (cool temperatures
       usually work best)
    •  The temperature of the room can be an added distraction causing loss of sleep
    •  Get rid of other distractions such as bright lights and noises

    •  Alcohol and sedatives just before bedtime can promote snoring
    •  Alcohol can also disrupt sleep or cause your airway more difficult to stay open
    •  Sedatives can cause extensive and more severe sleep apneas

Resources from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For more information please see the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Guide to Healthy Sleep.


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