CPAP Cleaning Tips and Instructions

Posted Feb 24, 2014 by Kristen P. in Tips & Tricks
Often overlooked by CPAP users, a good and regular CPAP cleaning routine is an important part of any sleep therapy program. Ensuring that your supplies are kept sterile not only is a healthy choice (germs can hide and grow on almost any surface!), but it also is an economical one (CPAP supplies, especially delicate ones like your mask cushion, last longer if properly maintained). The world of CPAP cleaning options is a relatively new field. Many CPAP users used mild dish detergents and water to clean mask cushions, headgear and tubing (and many still do), but in the past few years, as education has increased about the importance of sterile supplies, the options for cleaning have increased too. Read more in our blog about keeping your supplies clean, including options like Citrus cleaning supplies, cleaning kits and brushes, sterilizing and drying devices, and other convenient options that allow you to do a thorough, but quick, cleaning job each day when you wake up! Tip #1 - You can c... [More]


Big Game Sale! Now through Sunday, get 20% off all tubing, filters, cleaning and comfort.

Posted Jan 30, 2014 by Kristen P. in Store News
A few times a year, we offer a sale on CPAP supplies that cannot be beat. Through Super Bowl Sunday, we are extending that offer to our customers for 5 days only! Now through 2/2/14, get 20% off all CPAP tubing, all machine filters, all comfort items, and CPAP cleaning supplies. Plus, in celebration of America's favorite pastime, we're also giving everyone FREE standard shipping for every new order. Two sales in one event... shop now for your savings! Please note: sale excludes Respironics and ResMed brand items. Must use code "FOOTBALL" at checkout to receive your discount. Through 2/2 only!

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Free with Purchase! Travel CPAP Mask Wipes with any new order.

Posted Oct 17, 2013 by Kristen P. in Store News, Store News, Store News, Store News
Today through October 20th, get FREE CPAP mask wipes with any new order. Place your order today (no minimum purchase!) and use promo code "OCTWIPES" in your cart for your free product. A little Fall gift from our store to you... Shop now for your free wipes!  

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Your Options for Cleaning CPAP Tubing

Posted May 17, 2012 by Kristen P. in Tips & Tricks
Last year, around this time, we wrote a comprehensive guide to CPAP Equipment Maintenance. With thoughts of spring cleaning in the air once again, we wanted to revisit that topic, while focusing on one of the hardest parts to clean from your CPAP set-up – your tubing. While one of the more important parts of your set-up, CPAP tubing is not a part that is easily or conveniently cleaned. And because of the fact that condensation from your humidifier can often settle in the tube during use, it does need some TLC to ensure that it, and your sleep therapy, are in top condition. Two important cleaning options exist for CPAP tubing – CPAP Tubing Cleaner and a CPAP Tube Brush. The first tool is a solution that can be diluted into a soak for your CPAP tubing, ensuring that any bacteria on or inside the tube is eliminated. This also helps remove any dust that might collect on your tube. Another option to complete this type of full-soak cleaning is to use diluted household white ... [More]

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Tips for Better CPAP Equipment Maintenance

Posted May 24, 2011 by Kristen P. in Tips & Tricks
Both new and experienced CPAP users alike may have some confusion as to the best way to clean and maintain their CPAP equipment. Each piece of equipment has different requirements and a different expected lifespan, or time to replacement. CPAP machines often have hard-to-find filters that can be easy to forget, and CPAP masks generally have very delicate cushions and components that require specific cleaning techniques. We’d like to offer some general tips and little-known facts about CPAP maintenance for our CPAP users. Your CPAP Machine Every CPAP machine has an expected lifespan of up to five years. Some users will find their machine lasts much longer than that, and some may have machine issues that crop up before that time. Remember, if your machine stops working properly during your first year of ownership, it should still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Each CPAP machine has a machine-specific filter (or filters) that should be changed regularly. Each fil... [More]

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