Helpful CPAP Tips from Our Staff!

Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Kristen P. in Tips & Tricks
Every few months, we try to gather useful tidbits of information from our customer service staff that might be helpful for beginner-to-expert level CPAP users. A combination of frequently asked questions that we hear on the phone and live chat and instruction guides, the tips are then posted on our blog. Our newest group of helpful tips include info on traveling with your CPAP, cleaning methods, CPAP and allergies, mask sizing, and how to adjust to living with your CPAP. Read all of our helpful tips below: From Carol: "Traveling with your CPAP Machine - 1. Always carry the CPAP machine as a carry on bag. 2. Make sure to carry an extension cord and the correct adapter plug . 3. Carry a 3-prong plug, and adapter that converts to a 2-prong plug. 4. Carry extra fuses for CPAP machine (if needed). 5. Keep a copy of CPAP prescription for any repairs or replacement parts. 6. With a humidification CPAP unit, have access to purified or distilled water. 7. If traveling by car, keep the CPAP mach... [More]

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Sleep Well, Drive Safe - Our newest CPAP program...

Posted Jan 24, 2014 by Admin in Store News, Store News
CPAP Supply USA is dedicated to promoting healthy living as well as healthy driving. Yes, healthy driving! Many drivers aren't aware of the dangers associated with sleep disorders while driving. We are here not only to bring awareness, but to guide you on the road to discoveries of solutions for your health. We can help you feel better and drive safer! How does our Sleep Well, Drive Safe program work? Discounted CPAP Bundle includes everything needed to get started Step-by-step instructions and guidance during the sleep apnea discovery period to the treatment planning stage. Compliance data available within minutes with ease and accurate reporting. Home sleep test (if needed) is completed in the comfort of your own home so there are no long trips to the sleep lab or overnight stay in a strange bed. This program partially as a response to a political tide that is building in reference to sleep apnea in our transportation employees. As more side effects of untreated sleep apnea are rec... [More]

We Don't Get Sleep Because We Don't 'Get' Sleep

Posted Jun 2, 2011 by Kristen P. in Lifestyle
Insomnia is a common problem, and over-the-counter sleep aids are a billion dollar industry. Everywhere people are trying to get sleep, yet, according to a recent Huffington Post article, no one really understands what sleep is and what its function is supposed to be in our life. Dr. Rubin Naiman, Ph.D. has an interesting (if somewhat controversial) take on sleep theory and how modern day man's views on sleep affect how we actually sleep each night. The full article is available online at Huffington Post, but below are a few of our favorite excerpts: "I believe the main reason we struggle with epidemic sleep disorders is our failure to examine fundamental misconceptions that inform our understanding of and approach to sleep. These misconceptions are rooted in a tendency to define sleep negatively -- that is, in terms of what it's not. Like our conception of health, which is generally understood as the absence of disease, we naively conceive of sleep as the absence of waking. When we ar... [More]

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Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Tips for Better Sleep

Posted Apr 26, 2011 by Kristen P. in Lifestyle
A 2010 survey conducted by the Journal of Sleep Research found that up to 40% of adults experience some form of insomnia. The sales of prescription and over-the-counter sleep remedies continue to soar as adults try to find ways to relieve insomnia or poor sleep habits. Though you may have found a pharmaceutical treatment to help you sleep, there are natural remedies and supplements that have been proven to help promote good sleep. These natural remedies may be safer and have fewer side effects than traditional pharmaceutical treatments. They may impart other benefits to your overall health, as well. Below is a list of common natural remedies that may help you sleep soundly. We’ve also included some lifestyle changes and tips that may help you establish a better sleep routine just through small choices you make each day. As always, we recommend you discuss any medical advice with your doctor before you change, add to, or discontinue any treatment or supplements. Nature’s Re... [More]

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