New CPAP Battery - Smallest and Lightest Available!

Posted Aug 22, 2011 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products
Our newest product is one that will be useful to most every CPAP user... The CPAP Battery Pack is a lightweight, universal solution for your CPAP machine. Designed to run a typical machine for up to 24 hours, The CPAP Battery Pack is also the lightest and smallest battery solution currently available! This new product is one we are excited and proud to carry for the many customers who call us asking about traveling with a CPAP or using a CPAP during a power outage. We've been looking for the best and most budget-friendly battery pack, and we think we've found it with found it with this less-than-2lb unit. The CPAP Battery Pack is available the battery, battery charging plug, and quality carrying case for just $249.99. And for your convenience, we've also created bundles with this battery kit combined with our most popular CPAP machine DC adapters (your CPAP will require a DC adapter to plug into the battery during use). We've got bundled batteries and adapters for the following mo... [More]

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Alternative Power Options for Your CPAP Machine

Posted Aug 10, 2011 by Kristen P. in Lifestyle
Powering a CPAP machine when AC power is not available is a very popular topic in the CPAP community. Whether referring to power outages, camping, driving or flying long distances, CPAP users need options for treatment in any situation. Thankfully, there are multiple alternative power options available for most machines. CPAP battery packs, DC power options, marine battery adapters and travel-specific CPAP machines provide alternate power options for your CPAP therapy. CPAP Battery Packs Among the most popular alternate power options for their reliability and ease-of-use, CPAP battery packs are an all-in-one power solution that allows you to connect your machine (via DC power adapter) directly to a battery pack. With battery options that last from 8 to 24 hours before needing a charge, a battery pack is a convenient option that will provide a reliable power source for a full night’s sleep, anywhere. The cost of purchasing a battery pack can be prohibitive for some CPAP users, but... [More]

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