Four new ResMed masks - just released!

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ResMed, maker of the recently debuted and very innovative AirFit series, has four new mask offerings in this great line-up - released just this morning! The ResMed AirFit N10 Nasal Mask and N10 For Her are available now, as are the lightweight, easy-to-wear ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask and F10 For Her. Now there's an AirFit mask for every type of CPAP user!

In November, ResMed released the super popular and well-reviewed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows Mask. Designed with simplicity, comfort, and effectiveness in mind, the AirFit series is now a full line of masks for any need... A compact nasal mask design in the new N10, or a vision-friendly, minimalist full face mask in the new F10 - AirFit now has something for everyone!

ResMed has risen remarkably to a very difficult task - improve upon their popular and proven designs using the newest sleep therapy technologies without losing the comfort and quality those masks are known for. We think the AirFit series of masks fills that order very well.Continue to receive the effective treatment you trust with a new mask design that gives youmore comfort, more freedom and more simplicity. Read more about the AirFit series now...

New AirFit Masks

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get a 6ft CPAP tubing for just 1 cent!

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To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we're giving every customer one 6ft CPAP tubing for just 1 penny - all you have to do is add the tubing to your cart and then use discount code "LUCKY" for your savings. This promo is only valid for St. Patrick's Day, so get your 1 cent CPAP tubing right now!

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Helpful CPAP Tips from Our Staff!

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Helpful TipsEvery few months, we try to gather useful tidbits of information from our customer service staff that might be helpful for beginner-to-expert level CPAP users. A combination of frequently asked questions that we hear on the phone and live chat and instruction guides, the tips are then posted on our blog.

Our newest group of helpful tips include info on traveling with your CPAP, cleaning methods, CPAP and allergies, mask sizing, and how to adjust to living with your CPAP. Read all of our helpful tips below:

From Carol:

"Traveling with your CPAP Machine - 1. Always carry the CPAP machine as a carry on bag. 2. Make sure to carry an extension cord and the correct adapter plug . 3. Carry a 3-prong plug, and adapter that converts to a 2-prong plug. 4. Carry extra fuses for CPAP machine (if needed). 5. Keep a copy of CPAP prescription for any repairs or replacement parts. 6. With a humidification CPAP unit, have access to purified or distilled water. 7. If traveling by car, keep the CPAP machine in the passenger compartment rather than the trunk to minimize temperature extremes. 8. If traveling by car, camper, motor home, or boat, consider taking a 12-volt adapter for operating the CPAP from a cigarette lighter plug. NEVER use CPAP when the motor engine is running. 9. If traveling to higher altitudes, pressure setting may need to be adjusted accordingly."

"Face Mask Leaking: You may note leaking of air from around the mask, or difficulty getting a good seal around the mask. This happens when masks do not fit or the head gear does not hold the mask on tight.

1. Tighten or loosen head gear to get a good seal with the mask. 2. Make sure your masks fit properly and is comfortable. If not ask your home health company to refit you with another mask. 3. Once you find a comfortable position for you mask that provides a good seal mark your strap position with colored thread. This will remind you how tight your straps need to go to get a good seal. These may change over time."

"Stuffy Nose: A stuffy nose may come from several different reasons. The stuffiness may indicated that the tissue inside the nose has become swollen. This may occur when the nose is to dry, when you have an allergy or when you have a cold.

1. Make sure the air intake of CPAP machine is clean not near a dusty or moldy environment. 2. Get a humidifier for your CPAP machine. 3. Change the filter on your CPAP machine 4. Change the humidifier water and clean the humidifier and tubing , rinse with distilled water. 5. Nasal salt sprays four times per day. 6. If you have a cold you may wish to use a over the counter decongestant for a short period but most of these lose their effect when used for over a week. 7. If the stuffiness persists, you should consult your doctor"

"Skin Irritation: You may notice rub marks from your mask or head gear. This may particularly occur on the bridge of your nose. This comes from the mask being tight or the head gear being tight. From some people requiring high CPAP pressures the tight head gear may be unavoidable. Sometimes skin is irritated because of the mask not being cleaned well or soap left on the mask.

1. Skin protectors or patches like those sold for tender areas on your feet may be placed on the head gear or mask to reduce the pressure on the irritated area. 2. Make sure to use a skin moisturizer to keep the skin from cracking or peeling. 3. Clean the mask and head gear regularly making sure that all of the soap is rinsed off thoroughly with distilled water. 4. Foam spacers may provide some relief of pressure to the skin. 5. Use a soft series mask or bubble mask."

From Kandace:

"Be sure to change the water in your humidifier nightly with clean, distilled water. This helps to prevent calcium buildup and sinus infections."

From Bill:

"As a CPAP user make sure you are changing your filters in the back of your machine to help with the airflow and keeping the air cleaner blowing into your lungs. The times of the year when you have pollen in the air or its dry and there is more dust in the air make sure you are using the ultrafine filter for cleaner air if you are not using one at all times."

From Brandi:

"Never guess your mask size. Always use a mask gauge or visit you local DME or doctor’s office for a mask fitting session."

From Amy:

"Focus on the Health Benefits: Not only is there the obvious benefit of sleeping but also increased energy, better mental alertness, can somewhat help lower blood pressure, and can improve heart rhythms.

Consider your Bed Partner: The bed partner of a person with sleep apnea is not getting sleep a lot of times too. If you are sleeping, they can get sleep too.

Learn what you can about your CPAP: Be sure to check with your doctor that you are getting the correct machine and mask, learn about your pressure setting, and that you are using your equipment properly.

Stick with it: By making the effort to adjust to your device you will get back your sleep and improve your quality of life."

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CPAP Cleaning Tips and Instructions

Posted Feb 24, 2014 by Kristen P. in Tips & Tricks

CPAP Cleaning TipsOften overlooked by CPAP users, a good and regular CPAP cleaning routine is an important part of any sleep therapy program. Ensuring that your supplies are kept sterile not only is a healthy choice (germs can hide and grow on almost any surface!), but it also is an economical one (CPAP supplies, especially delicate ones like your mask cushion, last longer if properly maintained).

The world of CPAP cleaning options is a relatively new field. Many CPAP users used mild dish detergents and water to clean mask cushions, headgear and tubing (and many still do), but in the past few years, as education has increased about the importance of sterile supplies, the options for cleaning have increased too. Read more in our blog about keeping your supplies clean, including options like Citrus cleaning supplies, cleaning kits and brushes, sterilizing and drying devices, and other convenient options that allow you to do a thorough, but quick, cleaning job each day when you wake up!

Tip #1 - You can clean your supplies with household supplies

While we now carry many options for CPAP-specific cleaning supplies, you can (and many do!) clean your supplies easily and thoroughly with household products. The two most popular options would be a mild dish soap (like Dawn) or diluted white vinegar. Both have the disinfectant properties necessary to keep your supplies sterile and to keep germs and bacteria from colonizing (cleaning is especially important for those susceptible to colds, sinus problems or respiratory infections), and both are inexpensive and easy to find. Be sure not to use any harsh supplies or chemicals for your safely and for the safety of your equipment. Some people find that even mild dish soap is too harsh for their skin, and others really dislike the smell left behind from vinegar. For those individuals, there are other CPAP-specific cleaning options.

Tip #2 - There are cleaning products designed for your equipment

Relatively new to the CPAP world, there are entire cleaning lines designed around your CPAP supplies! The most popular line by Beaumont Products is called Citrus II. The Citrus products use essential oils from more natural options, like oranges, to ensure that products are incredibly safe and non-toxic. This is great for your health and for the health of your supplies, as the delicate cleaners won't breakdown the silicone in your mask parts. The Citrus II product line includes mask and machine wipes (makes morning cleaning quick and convenient), germicidal sprays, mask wipe packets (perfect for travel), concentrated tubing cleanser, and spray mask cleaner (our most popular cleaning product).

In addition to this line of supplies, we also carry cleaning kits which allow you to purchase all your cleaning supplies in one simple beginner's kit (and at a discounted price!), cleaning devices, like the new SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizer, and cleaning brushes and accessories that make cleaning hard-to-reach spots (like the inside of your tubing) easier. For more cleaning option links, check the bottom of this article.

Tip #3 - Regular and convenient cleaning routines are a part of effective therapy

Cleaning your supplies is less of an option than it is a requirement. Many respiratory therapists spend lots of time going over the actual therapy portion of your CPAP routine and skip over care and maintenance guidelines. And while being comfortable and having an effective machine are the most important parts of your sleep therapy, cleaning and maintenance shouldn't be ignored.

CPAP mask cushions are made of a very delicate material - silicone. This material is not known for its ability to last long unfortunately, but it is great in that it doesn't cause irritations or allergies like longer lasting materials might (such as latex). It's perfect for this use, but because of its delicacy, it can easily be broken down by the oils in the face that come in contact with it every night. In general CPAP masks are only made to last about 6-9 months, and proper care and cleaning are integral to even allow them to properly function and fit for that period of time. If the oils from your face are left on your mask cushion each morning, then that mask life span could be reduced even further.

Not only does cleaning ensure that your supplies last as long they can, it also means a healthier experience for you! CPAP masks are as close to your face and mucus membranes as anything can get all night long. That's the last place you'd want germs to colonize, because possible infection would be that much closer to your most sensitive areas for disease transmission. Keeping sterile CPAP supplies helps you remain healthier and happier.

Tip #4 - Replace disposable CPAP items regularly

All supplies have an expected life span. Masks typically last 6 months, but cushions may be replaced in 3. Some machine filters can be washed each month, but some should be tossed out and replaced. Tubing replacement should happen every 3-6 months, and headgear should be replaced as soon as it gets stretched out or the velcro becomes loose. Pay close attention to manufacturer guidelines about your equipment and replace any disposable items regularly. Set calendar reminders when it's time to order new supplies, or stock up in a spare closet when CPAP supply promotions happen. 


Resources online:

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