The Link between Sleep and Weight Loss?

Posted Jan 7, 2011 by Kristen P. in Lifestyle

In recent years research has shown an underlying link between amount of sleep and weight in the American population. Surveys have found that individuals who sleep fewer hours tend to have a higher Body Mass Index (or BMI, one indicator of being overweight or obese), while other studies have linked sleep to the production of hormones that help control appetite. Multiple hormones that seem to have an affect on appetite seem to vary depending on the amount of sleep one gets each night. People who sleep less tend to have a lower level of the hormone called leptin, a natural appetite suppressant. Those who report a large amount of sleep loss, such as with disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, tend to have increased levels of ghrelin, a natural appetite stimulant that may increases cravings for sweets and starchy snacks.

Due to conditions like sleep apnea, which when untreated, constantly affect the quality of sleep each night, there seems to be a connection between quality and amount of sleep and weight gain. While this is definitely not the only factor in the very complex process of gaining weight, the quality of your sleep may very well have an impact on your weight gain or loss. As always, we recommend always completing your sleep apnea treatment as prescribed and always reviewing possible health benefits of sleep therapy with your physician.

Studies like the one above consistently reinforce the idea that OSA sufferers must remain compliant with CPAP therapy to ensure that the medical conditions associated with sleep disorders do not develop or continue. At CPAP Supply USA, we know that being treated with CPAP can be very tough, inconvenient, and uncomfortable, but due to its undeniable benefits, we try to educate our CPAP users on why therapy is so important for their health. We have also added products that we believe can truly help with CPAP compliance; visit our new CPAP Comfort Center to see some products that may help with the overall comfort of your therapy!


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