Battery Pack Now Available for the Transcend CPAP

Posted May 13, 2011 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

Transcend CPAP Battery Pack Now AvailableThe portable battery pack for the Transcend Wearable CPAP Machine has recently been released by the Transcend manufacturer, Somnetics, and it is now available for purchase at CPAP Supply USA. Released in March, the Transcend Wearable CPAP Machine is the first machine designed to be worn while you sleep. The smallest CPAP currently on the market, the Transcend is an excellent choice for traveling, but it also has the features and therapy options to be worn as your "full time" CPAP.

One of the most important travel-related features of the Transcend is that it is designed to work with a small, easy to use, and long-lasting battery pack. That battery pack is available now for purchase, so for our customers who've already purchased a Transcend, consider this accessory as a must-have when camping or for power outtages. And for our customers who've been waiting for the complete Transcend accessory line before purchasing the machine - now is the time!

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View the new Transcend Battery Pack online

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