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Posted Jun 6, 2012 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

The staff at CPAP Supply USA pride themselves in their knowledge of the newest, and the best, CPAP masks, machines and supplies available. Through their conversations with customers every day, these customer service associates hear, first-hand, how products work and how effective they are for our CPAP users.

We've gathered a few of our most experienced and friendly reps together to get a list of their favorite CPAP products. Jonathan, Carol, Paula and Jen have each chosen a favorite Nasal Mask, Full Face Mask, Nasal Pillows System, CPAP Machine, and CPAP Accessory. Read their notes below!


Jonathan Dix – Lead Customer Service Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Respironics TrueBlue

“Respironics TrueBlue is highly recommended for first time CPAP users and excellent side sleepers.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Respironics OptiLife

“Respironics Optilife is great for patients who like the pillow systems and are a mouth breather because it has a built in chin strap and it also comes with all the sizes you need.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX

“Resmed Quattro FX is very comfortable and perfect for people who watch TV or read before they go to sleep.”

Favorite CPAP – The Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard Plus with SmartFlex and Humidifier

“Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard Plus CPAP with SmartFlex and humidifier very good for first time users to CPAP comes with great comfort features and a 5 Year warranty.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Battery Pack

“CPAP Battery Pack can last up to 24 hours. It works awesome for patients who travel, go camping or if you live in a area where the power might go out.”


Carol Breedlove – Customer Service Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Sleepweaver Cloth Mask

“I like the soft cloth mask and it comes in a variety of colors. Not a big bulky type mask.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Swift FX for Her

“Pink in color for her. Light weight. No marks on your face . Comes with 3 sizes , you choose the best size that fits you.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX for Her

“You can watch TV and read with this mask on before you fall asleep. Love that Pink color.”

Favorite CPAP – The PR SystemOne REMstar Auto IQ CPAP and Humidifier

“Great Price for this machine. Has SD card, humidifier, Highly recommended . Autoset, you control the pressure . Lifesaver to me.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Tube Brush

“Flexible, easy to use. Really helps to clean your tubing.”


Paula Furr – Center Manager with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The ResMed Mirage FX for Her

“Very comfortable, minimal strap marks, extremely light weight.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The Innomed Nasal Aire II with All Size Pillows

“Like that 6 sizes come with this mask and that the tubing goes behind the ears.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The RespCare Hybrid

“Can still read or watch TV before falling asleep. Includes multiple sizes for the nostrils and the mouth.”

Favorite CPAP – The ResMed S9 AutoSet with Humidifier and ClimateLine Tubing

“Quietest unit on the market, simple to read, and the heated tubing does not allow any condensation.”

Favorite Accessory – The SnuggleHose Snuggle Strap

“Comes in lots of colors, really soft, washable and best of all no strap marks on your face!”


Jen Hines – Inside Sales Representative with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite Nasal CPAP Mask – The Respironics ComfortGel

“Ultra Soft. Virtually unbreakable. Can be worn at any pressure. Very easy to fit. Provides a good seal.”

Favorite Nasal Pillows System – The ResMed Swift Bella

“Can be worn by women with low pressures. Less cumbersome than traditional NP systems. Will not mess up your hair. Now I'm waiting for the Edward to come out.”

Favorite Full Face Mask – The ResMed Quattro FX

“Can still read or watch TV while wearing it. Good at any pressure, even high ones. No forehead pad.”

Favorite CPAP – The Respironics PR SystemOne Auto with Heated Humidifer

“Great machine. Durable. Quiet. Portable. And best of all affordable.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Aromatherapy Kit

“You can choose your scent. Help you with compliance and a good night’s sleep.”

For questions, or to speak with one of our experienced CPAP Supply USA Customer Service Reps, please call us at 866-560-2727 or visit our website home page!

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Dennis Barber
6/6/2012 2:17:32 PM #

Hello Jen...Let me say I am truly sorry for not staying in touch with you, after you went to all the trouble, to contact me. We were talking about a CPAP that cost $395. Remember I do not have insurance to cover any of the cost, nor do I have the prescription required. My Dr. does not have the script, as it has been over 10 years.The CPAP you were talking about adjusts to whatever flow needed. My original was set on a nine. What comes with the CPAP you were talking about besides the travel case? Hopefully you remember the conversion. I will also want a new mask with it...Thank you for your time.
                      Dennis  (405) 823-0563  dbarber20@cox.net
Can this be purchased without a script?

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