Our Staff’s Favorite CPAP Products for Early 2013

Posted Feb 22, 2013 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

The staff at CPAP Supply USA pride themselves in their knowledge of the newest, and the best, CPAP masks, machines and supplies available. Through their conversations with customers every day, these customer service associates hear, first-hand, how products work and how effective they are for our CPAP users.

We've gathered a few of our most experienced and friendly reps together to get a list of their favorite CPAP products. Meet Shannon, Kandace, Brandi and Bill, all part of the Customer Service team of CPAP Supply USA! Each will pick a few of their favorite CPAP products right now:


Bill Allen – Customer Service/Returns Management with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite CPAP – The ResMed S9 AutoSet with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Tube

“I like that this machine, if it ends up needing service at any point, has a very quick turnaround time from the manufacturer. It’s also got the great new ResMed ClimateLine tubing that helps reduce rainout (something we’d only seen before in Fisher & Paykel machines). And, of course, the Auto CPAP means that it can adjust for each customer’s needs.”

Favorite Mask – The Respironics ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask

“This one seems to be an all-around favorite of many of our customers. Unlike other masks I send out to newer patients, I don’t receive a lot of customer calls about fit or sizing or any common mask issues I often hear about. Just seems to be a general crowd-pleaser.”

Favorite Accessory – The Citrus II CPAP Mask and Machine Wipe

“I can’t believe that just five or six years ago, we had no CPAP cleaning products at all! Now I think about how many people who love the convenience of having cleaning wipes right by their bed to clean their mask, dust off their machine, or spruce up their tubing, and I am so glad we can offer this accessory.”


Kandace Shifflett – Customer Service Rep with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite CPAP – The ResMed S9 AutoSet with H5i Humidifier

“The ResMed S9 Autoset with H5i Humidifier - This machine combines high quality with sleek style. I have found it to have the best overall feedback from CPAP users among any other machine. The auto-adjust feature that this machine offers, allows a patient’s pressure to be adjusted to suit whatever their needs may be. ”

Favorite Mask – The ResMed Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillows Mask

“I have found this mask to be a life-saver for some female CPAP users. Many have said that they had stopped their sleep therapy prior to trying this mask, because they could not find one as comfortable and non-invasive as this one. The extra small pillows allows for patients with a smaller nasal passage to still get a good night’s sleep without having the seal break.”

Favorite Accessory – The CPAP Battery Pack

“This item has to be one of the most versatile accessories available to CPAP users by taking out the stress of some “what ifs”. With the right power cord for your machine, this battery pack will have you sleeping sound, even during a power-outage. The Battery Pack is also ideal for camping with your CPAP machine.”


Brandi Jones - Prescription Coordinator with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite CPAP – The PR System One REMStar Plus CPAP Machine

“I like this model because it works just as good as compared to pricier models, but easier on the wallet. It’s also quite and travels well too.”

Favorite Mask – The Respironics ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask

“The masks have a soft gel cushion that adds extra comfort for the user. It doesn’t rub on the bridge of the nose the way silicone masks do. Also a budget-friendly, quality item.”

Favorite Accessory – The Unscented CPAP Wipes

“They are a convenient, safe and effective option for cleaning your mask quickly and easily. Just wipe and go.”


Shannon Fisher – Customer Service Rep with CPAP Supply USA

Favorite CPAP – The Fisher & Paykel Icon Premo CPAP and Humidifier

“My favorite CPAP machine is the Fisher & Paykel Icon Premo CPAP machine. This is my favorite machine to try to sell to patients being that is very practical. We can offer special pricing on the machine which immediately appeals to the patient, and is very small and compact which is great for older people to maneuver the machine around to different locations whether it be in their house or on the go.”

Favorite Mask – The Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Nasal Pillows Mask

“My favorite CPAP mask is the Fisher & Paykel Pilairo. This is my favorite mask to sell to patients for one it offers mask assurance, which allows the patient to try the mask out for a month to find out if this is the best fit for them, and if it is not for whatever reason they have the option of returning the mask. It also has a very unique design. The inflatable cushion that surrounds the nasal pillows offers more comfort ability and support which is uncommon in nasal pillow masks. It also has very few pieces to replace when the mask needs a refreshment of supplies, and has a one size fits most factor.”

Favorite Accessory – The Respironics Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

My favorite CPAP accessory is the Respironics Nasal Soft CPAP cushion. This is my favorite accessory to sell to patients for the fact of the extra support and comfort it provides the patient. The fact that CPAP equipment is already uncomfortable to wear to bed, this cushion provides a little more comfort to the mask/nose, to allow the patient to be a slight more comfortable when using their CPAP equipment during their sleep therapy.“

For questions, or to speak with one of our experienced CPAP Supply USA Customer Service Reps, please call us at 866-560-2727 or visit our website home page!


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