Celebrate this Father's Day with our gift to you...

Posted Jun 13, 2013 by Kristen P. in Store News

Get our CozyHose Boss for just 1 penny!This Father's Day holiday, enjoy our most popular tubing management system for just 1 penny! The CozyHose Boss Tubing Management System helps stabilize your tubing while you sleep. Normally priced at $23.95, this tubing accessory is now just 1 cent with every order placed, now through 6/16. Just use code "BOSS" in your cart to receive your savings! Shop now for a new mask, other comfort accessories, or for your summer filters and tubing...

Reasons you'll love your new CozyHose Boss:

  • Helps prevent mask leaks by keeping tubing stable
  • Great for active sleepers who turn often during sleep
  • Lightweight and easy to hang anywhere near your bed
  • Spring-loaded reels ensure that your tube stretches with you while you move.

Shop now for your CozyHose Boss!»

*Sale extends through 6/16 only, so shop now!

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