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Now there's a new way to test. Home Sleep Testing with ResMed ApneaLink™ is newly available through CPAP Supply USA. The store you've always been able to trust for your CPAP needs can now help with the other part of the equation - your sleep test. The Home Sleep Test allows you to use the advanced technology of ResMed's ApneaLink™ Monitoring System at home, in the comfort of your own bed. After a night's sleep using the device, a board-certified sleep physician will read your results and determine conclusions for your treatment.

Here's how our Home Sleep Test program works:

  • Get the Home Sleep Test package for the introductory price of just $249. We'll ship you everything you need.
  • Follow the enclosed instructions and complete your night of monitoring. If you have problems, contact us via chat, email or telephone to speak with a home sleep test advisor. You'll be supported through the testing process.
  • Return the testing unit with the enclosed, prepaid shipping package. A board-certified physician will retrieve the results within 48 hours and forward the analysis of results to your physician.
  • We'll work with your doctor to get the best treatment plan and prescription based on your results.

And while you may not have use for a home sleep test right now, please pass this along to friends and family that might be in need. There are many people who find the sleep testing process so daunting (or expensive!) that they go undiagnosed. This testing process could be perfect for them.

And as one last incentive - for any customer who has has our Home Sleep Test, we'll give you 20 Loyalty Points to spend on future purchases. That's $20 in free money to use on any CPAP product in our store.

Do you need a Home Sleep Test? Or know of someone who does? Please contact us today!

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