Released today! Four new CPAP masks are available now.

Posted Sep 3, 2013 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

Newly released masks by ResMed, Philips Respironics and Circadiance Sleepweaver - all available for purchase today. Read on to see the new ResMed Swift FX Nano and Nano for HerRespironics Amara Gel Full Face Mask, and the Sleepweaver Anew All-Cloth Full Face-Style Mask... a new mask for everyone's individual needs today!

New from Respironics - The Amara Gel Full Face

Our newest full face mask is now fully customizable. Choose from the original silicone, air-filled cushion, or now, choose a gel full face cushion that molds gently to your face as you sleep. An excellent new option to an already proven Respironics mask. Shop for yours now...





New from ResMed - The Swift FX™ Nano Masks

Combining the amazing simplicity of the Swift masks that we all love with the comfort and ease-of-use of a ResMed nasal mask, the Nano is the best of both worlds. In design, this mask is a compact nasal mask, but it fits just like the smaller nasal pillows-style masks. This mask is available in the Nano and the Nano for Herstarting just today! Shop for yours now...




New from Sleepweaver - The Anew Cloth Full Face

Cloth masks by Sleepweaver are the newest successful mask styles to be introduced in recent years, and now full face mask users have this option too! The Anew Cloth Mask is designed in style for those who breathe through their mouths and require a full face design. Now you have the option for an all-cloth, very soft, and loose-fitting mask option. Shop for yours now... 


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