Are our mask prices the lowest online?

Posted Sep 19, 2013 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

Above we mention our Price Guarantee, but recently we've had questions from our customers about whether or not some of our online competitors are selling masks for cheaper than our listed (often MAP- or MIRP-determined) prices.

We did some investigating, and what we found was that some of our online competitors are often selling popular CPAP masks without headgear at a cheaper listed price than our full mask & headgear packages. Often times, these product listings do not state that the headgear is not included, so customers may not even know exactly what they are purchasing until they receive it at home.

We find this practice bad for the customers. As a company that's been selling online for almost ten years, we know that it's difficult enough for CPAP users to navigate buying their much-needed equipment online. We want to make the experience as straight-forward as possible, so we give you all the information you need (plus, our Price Guarantee!) up front.

As authorized dealers of every brand we sell, we can offer you warranties, support, and service that many companies cannot. Often newer companies pop up online, selling products purchased from the "gray market" of medical supplies - machines and masks that may have changed hands multiple times before reaching you, the end user. This often leaves you without a valid warranty or ability to contact the manufacturer for problems or concerns. At CPAP Supply USA, we only sell products sourced directly from the manufacturer and with all applicable warranties intact.

If you have any more questions about competitors or our products, please contact our Customer Service team directly at 866-560-2727. Thank you for your business!


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