Just released! The smallest CPAP ever made is in stock now.

Posted Nov 20, 2013 by Kristen P. in CPAP Products

Newly released by HDM, the Z1 Travel CPAP with Optional Integrated Battery is available for purchase today. The smallest CPAP on the market, it weighs only 10 ounces and is just bigger than a typical cell phone. Perfect for those on the go, this travel CPAP also has the option of an integrated battery pack that allows you 8+ hours of power cord-free use. Use your CPAP machine during blackouts, while camping, or on an overnight flight with ease.

Integrated Battery Power

One of the most important selling points of any travel CPAP is whether or not it can operate on battery power. Sadly many really small machines only work with a large, bulky battery, so their travel friendliness is diminished. The PowerShell Battery Pack, an optional accessory, turns your Z1 CPAP into a power cord-free unit for up to 8+ hours of CPAP use. Use it anywhere!


Quiet Operation

Operating at only 26 dBa, the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine is not only small, it's quiet too! Sometimes, you have to give up certain high end machine features when you choose a travel model... With the Z1, that's not the case. You can now have the quiet and effective therapy from your travel machine that you've grown to love with your primary CPAP.


Lightweight and Travel Friendly

It doesn't get lighter weight than this! The Z1 is the smallest CPAP ever made. Weighing in at only 10 ounces, with an optional battery pack that weighs only 9, this CPAP is small enough to fit into your laptop or camera bag, making it one less bag you have to lug through the airport or stow under your seat. Truly small, truly lightweight, and absolutely travel-friendly.


Three Year Warranty

Three years of security from a company that backs up their CPAP machine. HDM will warranty your machine through those critical first three years, ensuring you get the quality machine that you need and deserve. And, we're here to help too. If you have a machine problem, we can facilitate your warranty return or repair.


ZBreathe Pressure Relief

Once again, here's a travel CPAP machine that doesn't mean you have to compromise features or comfort. The Z1 CPAP includes a highly effective pressure relief component that slightly drops the pressure after each inhale, so that you don't have to breathe so hard against the airflow. This is not a required feature, but it sure is a comfortable one to have. If you're used to pressure relief on your primary CPAP, it would be difficult not to have it on your travel machine. The Z1 ensures that you have a feature-filled, comfortable therapy in a tiny package.


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