ResMed H4i™ CPAP Disposable Water Chamber

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Replacement disposable water chamber for the ResMed H4i heated humidifier.

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  • HCPCS Reimbursement Code:A7046
  • Included In Box:Water Chamber only
  • Brand/Manufacturer:ResMed

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Product Reviews for the ResMed H4i™ CPAP Disposable Water Chamber (26952)

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by on August 20, 2015

The design is horrible. Even if meant to be disposable after a given time period, there is no way to effectively clean this thing. The labyrinth that the water needs to travel to exit the reservoir makes it impossible to empty and dry it. Allowing it to dry each day is one of the most effective ways to keep crap from growing in it! Instead it is a little greenhouse for flora and fauna that love stagnant water. One cannot fit a finger in to try to clean and wipe it, let alone a hand. How hard is it to design something that can be opened?

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by on August 4, 2016

Terrible design. The chamber can not be thoroughly cleaned. The alternative is no better. The design should allow you to take it apart for cleaning. The ones that are dish washable tend to leak and/or crack. They open at the bottom so all the water leaks out. Design should be to have them open from the top so that if they do leak the chamber will retain the water in the reservoir.

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by on November 1, 2015

Horrible design. Impossible to get clean even the suggestion given by the company is no guarantee that it is cleaned properly.

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by on November 1, 2015

The design is horrible. You can only hope some warm water and a drop of hand soap to let soak will get rid of whatever is in there. In this modern age they should design a way to open and clean properly.

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by on April 1, 2016

Indeed, a very silly design. Almost impossible to clean. Suggestion for cleaning: Soak for 4-6 hours+ in White Vinegar & warm water 1:4. If heavily calcified or with active growing flora, soak with White Vinegar neat for a few hours or so. Then wash with warm water & a few drops of good dish washing detergent, then rinse well.

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by on April 14, 2019

I have been using this thing since 2005. My old almost antique CPAP broke and I got this one a day before flying to Singapore. The next morning I flew half way around the world with a CPAP I had used only one night. It now has about 36,300 plus hours on it. All it takes to keep it clean is rinse it out every day. When the lime deposits build up you can pour a little vinegar in it and let it sit several hours. If the vinegar does not get it all just apply again. Want to clean out the interior? Just bend and old tooth brush and swab it while the vinegar is in it. I have since hauled this thing all over the globe. In 3rd world countries you have to use bottled water but the universal power supply works anywhere if you have the cord adapters

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