Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser for Tubing - 32oz.

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Use Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser daily, weekly, or monthly for safe, gentle cleaning, deodorizing, and maintenance of all types of CPAP, BiPAP, and Oxygen Therapy, Tubing, and Accessories. Regular use effectively removes build-up of dirt, grease, oils and organic residue. CPAP mask cushions should be cleaned every morning after use. Tubing, headgear, and humidifier chambers should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks, and your CPAP or BiPAP machine should be wiped down at least once every two weeks. Regular cleaning of your equipment greatly increases its lifespan.

This concentrated cleanser is designed to make over 8 gallons of CPAP cleaning solution and is great for cleaning tubing and humidifier tanks, which require full submersion in a cleaning solution to be disinfected.

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  • Brand/Manufacturer:Beaumont Products
  • Included In Box:1 32oz Cleanser

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Product Reviews for the Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser for Tubing - 32oz. (635871849)

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by on May 29, 2014

This product leaves a strong chemical citrus smell in the CPAP hose. I mixed according to directions and soaked hose for 20 minutes. Despite repeated rinsing, the odor was strong enough to cause concern that the citrus fumes could be an irritant to my lungs.Finally was able to remove most of the smell by scrubbing with soapy water and cpap tube brush. Otherwise, I would have had to throw the CPAP tube away. I will will dispose of this 32 oz product after using one small cap full. Not sure I believe the other ratings.

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by on August 8, 2011

This lasts for a long time and makes cleaning easier for me.

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by on December 28, 2016

Do not soak any of your CPAP parts, wash and rinse like doing the dishes. Soaking imparts a stronger citrus scent and actually degrades the softer parts and shortens their life. Wash & rinse & dry & reassemble - don't forget to wash your reservoir too! Total cleaning time about 10 minutes.

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by on December 30, 2010

Great stuff!

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by on June 10, 2011

Great item to soak all my tubing and mask parts.

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by on May 3, 2011

Great product to clean all equipment with.

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