Cleanis Aqua Pre-Moistened Shampoo Gloves

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Several times cheaper than conventional no-rinse shampoo caps, the No-Rinse Aqua shampoo gloves from Cleanis is an ultra soft non-woven glove that is pre-moistened on both sides with a protective scientific formula that removes excess sebum and build-up, leaving the hair fresh, clean, and odor free.

The protective cleaning solution is gentle to the hair or scalp and is non-irritating to skin or eyes.

A unique protective liner inside the glove prevents your hand from being in direct contact with soiled hair. Absolutely no water is necessary, just don the glove, massage the hair and that's it. No towel needed!


  • Absolutely no water necessary, ready to use!
  • Hospital tested and approved
  • Pre-Moistened on both sides
  • Balanced pH, gentle to the hair or scalp
  • Microwavable for more comfort, follow instructions thoroughly

Directions for use :
  1. Open the pack by peeling down the label
  2. Remove one Shampoo Glove and reseal the label
  3. Don the glove and shampoo the patient
  4. When shampooing is completed, dispose of used gloves in regular waste
  5. Do Not Flush!


Do not dispose of into the toilets. Dispose of according to currently applying protocols: dispose of into regular waste or in hazardous waste disposal if required.


  • Single-use product. Do not use more than one time.
  • Do not use on damaged skin. In case of infectious risks, use one pack of gloves for one single patient. Rinse thoroughly the eye in case of contact or the mouth in case of ingestion. If in doubts, call a doctor.

These gloves are intended for one time use

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  • Brand/Manufacturer:Cleanis
  • Included In Box:12 gloves

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