Medistrom Car Charger for Pilot-12/ DC Converter

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The Medistrom™ Car Charger for Pilot-12/DC Converter is for the Medistrom CPAP Battery Pilot-12 PLUS.

Easy to use with your Medistrom™ Pilot-12 CPAP Battery Charger. The battery will charge in 3-4 hours.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the power consumption of the electronic device is no higher than 100 W.

  1. Connect Medistrom™ car charger to 12-volt cigarette lighter socket
  2. Connect the output cable to the CHARGE socket on the Medistrom™ Pilot-12.
**Please note this item is no longer available. The Car charger that replaces this item is CAR CHARGER FOR PILOT-12/24 LITE**

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  • Included In Box:DC Cord Only
  • Brand/Manufacturer:Medistrom
  • Other Information:Input:DC 12V/10A
    Output: DC 12V/10A

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