ResMed Swift™ FX Bella Nasal CPAP Mask Pillow System and Headgear

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  • Bella loops for comfort fit around the ears
  • "Slinky" like short tube allows for easy transitions without pulling on the mask
  • Three pillow cushions provided to ensure the patient has the right fit
  • Swift™ FX for Her headgear with the bella loops make a great combination
  • Variety of sleeping positions possible with this non-invasive system
  • Easy to clean and re-assemble with minimal parts
  • Quiet vents ensure sound reduction and direct air away from bed partner
The ResMed™ Swift FX Bella was designed with comfort and user-friendly features in mind. The Bella loops have replaced the less manageable headgear straps. The Bella provides Lightweight comfort that delivers quality along with quiet vents to make the CPAP therapy experience immeasurable. ResMed ™ still delivers the soft pillow cushions offered from the Swift line of products. The lightweight accordion style tubing gives the patient more flexibility and freedom to move into a variety of sleeping positions.

Sizes included: Extra Small, Small, Medium

Prescription Statement:

“A valid prescription is required for the purchase of t his product.”

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  • HCPCS Reimbursement Code:A7032, A7034, A7035
  • Included In Box:Headgear, 3 Pillows (Extra Small, Small, and Medium), Bella Loops accessory, and pink soft wraps
  • Brand/Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Cushion Type:Silicone
  • Multiple Sizes Included:Yes

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Product Reviews for the ResMed Swift™ FX Bella Nasal CPAP Mask Pillow System and Headgear (61560)

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by on February 19, 2012

This is very comfortable to sleep with, and no air leaks. So i I get a good nights sleep, and wake refreshed.

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by on May 5, 2012

I absolutely LOVE this mask!!! Since I have no choice but to wear some kind of a mask, I have been searching and trying various types to no avail!! However, this mask is very easy to get use to, is not annoying and I hardly know I am wearing it! So, thank you for making such a comfortable mask!! :)

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by on May 9, 2012

The only problem with this mask is that it can rub on your ears.

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by on January 23, 2015

LOVE this comfy and effective mask. It has saved my life! I will use it forever. Placing the nasal pillows according to instructions will let you avoid over-tightening of ear straps. This seems to be the only complaint of users. Ear discomfort has NOT been a problem for me. I wake up at night and forget I am using a CPAP machine. I endured 6 face masks and various sizes that ALL gave me a blister on the bridge of my nose. Thank you!

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by on May 1, 2012

very comfortable to sleep

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by on March 31, 2017

Very comfortable.

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by on February 4, 2015

If I have to wear a mask,at least this one stays put when I change positions during the night.

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