Respironics Remstar CPAP Humidifier Replacement Water Chamber

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Designed for the Respironics humidifier line, these replacement water chambers work with the Remstar integrated Heated or Passover humidifiers, as well as the H2 heated Humidifier.

**This water chamber does not work for the Respironics SleepEasy Machine**.

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  • HCPCS Reimbursement Code:A7046
  • Included In Box:Replacement Water Chamber
  • Brand/Manufacturer:Respironics

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Product Reviews for the Respironics Remstar CPAP Humidifier Replacement Water Chamber (1035162)

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by on October 12, 2009

Newer ones with the flap in it seems to cause a lot more condensation in mask. Causes you to fell like your drowning with water going in nose. Also causes the tube that conects to mask to make loud whistling sound. Switched back to old humidifier no more problems.

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by on February 14, 2015

I've been on this machine for seveal years. When properly adjusted, it is comfortable aand very beneficial. I had condensation in the hose on cold days, until I installed a cloth jacket over the hose. Condensation went away. The tank bottom is a weak spot. Made from aluminum, and silicone painted, it is prone to pinhole pitting corrosion, which eventually perforates the tank bottom. I've replaced the tank nine times in twelve years. That failure rate is unacceptable. The tank bottom should be made of 300 series stainless steel. The problem would vanish. Fisher-Paykel had the same problem with the HC385S chamber. Replacement units with removable (thus cleanable) stainless steel bottoms stopped the problem dead in its tracks. Listen up, Respironics, it's time for you folks to get on board.

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by on May 15, 2010

Positive experience. No problems. I was cautious in light of the review reporting "condensation". However, I did not experience this problem at all and I'm thinking it may be that person's mask. No "whistling sound" either. This is a direct replacement for the Respironics Remstar (Plus) integrated passive humidifier. It has a slight modification from the original (circa July, 2006) in that the air inlet from machine to water chamber has been re-engineered with a backflow valve. All parts included.

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by on October 3, 2010

I also experienced condensation and air leaking around the connection from the new type of fittings and feel the old type is better and i also reverted to my old style humidifier.Here's hoping the parts are always available

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by on November 12, 2011

Lots of condensation when heat is turn on. I haven't used the heater since I got the new chamber. I don't like it.

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by on October 6, 2018

I have had to replace this several times as the plastic chamber develops a crack and starts to leak. It is apparent that this product has its problems. Suppliers are having a difficult time obtaining them. I have been waiting for over 3 months for a replacement. I hate to invest in a new machine because the BiPAP machine works well otherwise, but if I can't get replacement parts...

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by on March 26, 2016

The humidifier works great, but I agree with the reviewer who commented on the weakness of the aluminum bottom plate which pits after 6-9 months use. Respironics needs to either develop a plate that will not deteriorate or sell replacement plates separately and inexpensively. It is crasy to have to continually replace the whole chamber set when just the plate is bad/

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