About the Author

Jordan Hale
Social Media Manager CPAP Supply USA
Jordan Hale is the web assistant and social media manager for CPAP Supply USA. She holds a degree in web development from ECPI University. Jordan researches and writes about medical supplies, sleep, and more on the CPAP Supply USA blog. She also updates and creates product listings on the CPAP Supply USA website, updates CPAP Supply USA’s database, and creates newsletters and graphics for advertising and site promotions and sales. Jordan also posts sales information, product updates, and fun facts about mobility on CPAP Supply USA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She loves researching facts and turning them into something fun that people like to read, and maybe even get a chuckle or two out of. She believes that learning new things should be fun, and believes that humor helps you remember. Jordan is also a published poet and gets her love of reading and writing from her dad.