Q.    I need a mask but do not know what size I should get?

There are many ways to determine the correct mask size.  Often the size is printed on the mask cushion.  Check the bottom, sides and top of the cushion.

Q.   Do I have to have a prescription for all of my PAP supplies?

The FDA requires a prescription for all PAP devices, humidifiers and complete masks.  Supplies such as tubing, filters, cleaning products replacement mask parts etc. can be purchased without a prescription.

Q.   I have Loyalty Points.  When do they expire?

            Loyalty Points expire 6 months after they are issued.

Q.   How long is the warranty for my machine?

All of the brands that we offer have a minimal warranty of 2 years.  In fact we offer a few brands that offer 3 years to 5 years.

Q.   I want to try a new mask, but what if I don’t like it?

CPAP Supply USA offers Mask Assurance on most of the masks we carry.  This allows you to try the mask and if you don’t like it you can return the mask for a full refund of the mask purchase price.

Q.  Why can’t CPAP Supply USA bill my insurance for me?

CPAP Supply USA was started by Jeff Burgess.  He was in the health care industry and noticed that many people had very high deductibles or no coverage at all.  By selling retail, we offer more variety, lower prices and excellent customer service with delivery to your front door. We can provide you with all of the required information to submit a claim to you insurance.

Q.  Why can’t I use tap water in my humidifier?

After time tap water, well water, bottled water etc. will cause a cloudy, whitish pink calcium build up in your water chamber.  By using distilled water you enhance the life of your water chamber.

Q.  Do you rent small CPAP machines for traveling?

We offer several options in our rental program including the small travel size machines like the   Transcend and Z1.  Battery options as well as humidification options are also available.

Q.  Why won’t you take back a product if it has been opened?

Since these items are medical equipment we cannot accept them back once they have been opened as we cannot resend them to someone else.

Q.  Why does my stomach fill up with air?

This is usually common amongst new PAP users that are trying to get adjusted to using their PAP devices.  Swallowing air can cause you to become bloated.  You can alleviate this by using a chin strap, using the ramp feature, changing masks or by having your pressure lowered initially.    

Q. I have a pressure of 20.  What is a good mask that is designed for high pressures?

There are a few masks on the market that work really well with high pressures. Nasal pillow option is the ResMed Swift Fx.  This mask fits into the nostrils and seals very well. The ResMed Activa works great for patients that prefer a nasal mask. An oldie but goodie, the ResMed Activa cushion is similar to a balloon.  As the pressure rises the cushion expands and stays in place. Finally for a full face option, the Fisher and Paykel Simplus mask takes the cake.  This mask has a very high success rate and is very light weight and comfortable.

Q. All I need is a new head strap?  Can I get this without the whole mask?

Absolutely! We sell many parts and pieces of the masks. If you aren’t sure which one you need, call our customer service team at 1.866.560.2727 and they will gladly help your figure out what you need to get your mask working again!




The Insomnia Effect

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in the US and it could be affecting you, your daily routine as well as your those around you. Insomnia can be associated with extreme tiredness, lack of liveliness, anxiety, irritability, and trouble with daily task. If you've been diagnosed with insomnia or believe you have the disorder you may also be suffering from one or more other sleep problems. Sleep disorders have a profound effect on our daily lives this is why is imperative that you know the causes, symptoms, and the treatments.

Some Causes:

There could be various reasons contributing to your insomnia including allergies, arthritis, asthma, neurological conditions, food intake (such as nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, heavy meals and other foods that stimulate the brain/body), chronic pain, endocrine problems, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, and so on. You along with your physician/clinician can work together to pinpoint and treat the cause to assist in eliminating your insomnia. Insomnia can also be the result of a more prevalent sleep disorder that has or has not been diagnosis. Ask your physician for more information about insomnia if you believe this condition is affecting you.



  • Behavior issues
  • Problems falling asleep
  • Getting up too early 
  • Difficulty consentrating on daily tasks
  • Abrupt personal relationships
  • Mood swings
  • Tirediness 
  • Unable to stay alseep

One or more of these symptoms can point towords insomnia but consult your physicians for a diagnosis of a definite issue. Also, there of degrees of insomnia from mild to chronic and only your physician can tell you the severity of your condition. 


1.      Adopt new sleep habits

2.      Make sure bedroom is quite, dark, and comfortable

3.      Keep a sleep schedule

4.      Avoid naps

5.      Avoid stressful situations and stimulating activity before bed

6.      Put the tablets, smart phones, laptops away

7.      Limit alcohol, caffeine and nicotine

8.      Prepare your brain for sleep

9.      Get out of bed when you can’t sleep


There are alternative medications available as well, consult your physician. 

Rememer SLEEP is one the most important activities for your body so get plenty of it!

For more information on insomnia and other sleep disorders visit:

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CPAP Supply USA Staff Picks - May

We have gathered a few of our most experienced and friendly reps together to create a list of their favorite CPAP accessories. Meet Kate, Brandi, Bill, Kandace, and Debbie - all part of the Customer Service team at CPAP Supply USA! Here is what they have to say about their favorite comfort products.


Sunset Unscented CPAP Wipes

My go-to product is the Sunset Unscented CPAP Wipes. A handy and great addition to any PAP users therapy regiment, not to mention an inexpensive way to keep your PAP equipment clean and you healthier! They are also biodegradable! Good for the Earth too!


Hermell Knee & Posture Support Pillow

Hands down, my favorite item is the Hermell Knee & Posture Pillow. After pregnancy, I have had issues with back pain, but I love sleeping on my side. I used to sleep with a full body pillow or use a regular bed pillow between my knees, but it is very frustrating to re-adjust as I turn over at night. This knee pillow is just the right size and firmness to keep my back aligned properly all night without have to constantly wake up to readjust it. No more morning back pain!

SnuggleHose Snuggle Straps

We hear this from our customers, "The biggest complaint I have with the CPAP is the fact that every morning I have indention lines across my face from the straps and cover you provide". We carry straps made by SnuggleHose to help prevent these marks on the face and mask comfort. These straps are the answer and an inexpensive fix to this problem.

Zippered CPAP Tube Wrap

The Zippered CPAP Tube Wrap manufactured by AG Industries is my pick for the best comfort item. This product simply zips over the tubing acting as somewhat of a "jacket" for tubing therefore eliminating or decreasing possible condensation buildup. There are other manufacturers of this product, but I personally have seen a higher success rate with this brand.

ResMed Gecko™ Nasal Pad

Gecko Nasal Pads are my favorite because they are made of a soft pliable material to provide relief across the bridge of the nose during therapy. Gecko Nasal Pads can also assist with the proper sealing of the mask which can prevent leaks.


Guide to Healthy Sleep

Posted Apr 6, 2015 by mhall in

CPAP Supply USA - Guide to Healthy Sleep

CPAP Supply USA believes in Sleep Therapy education and wellness. And that is why we continue to pass along information on sleep therapy, sleep apnea, and any respiratory related guides and topics to ensure you and your loved ones are well informed. Read the following tips on healthy sleep:


    •  Naps are great!
    •  Naps should never be a substitute for a good night’s sleep
    •  Naps can help to make up for sleep lost during the night
    •  Keep naps no longer than 20 minutes to avoid issues waking from the nap
    •  Avoid naps after 3pm if having issues falling asleep at night

    •  Ensure your mattress is the right one for you and your comfort
    •  Pillows are an important part of a good night’s sleep so choose one that fits you and
       your comfort level
    •  Turn your clock around so it doesn’t distract if you are a CLOCK WATCHER
    •  Don’t lie in bed awake over 20 minutes or if anxious and worried…this will make falling
       asleep more difficult

    •  Your room temperature should be adjusted to your comfort level (cool temperatures
       usually work best)
    •  The temperature of the room can be an added distraction causing loss of sleep
    •  Get rid of other distractions such as bright lights and noises

    •  Alcohol and sedatives just before bedtime can promote snoring
    •  Alcohol can also disrupt sleep or cause your airway more difficult to stay open
    •  Sedatives can cause extensive and more severe sleep apneas

Resources from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For more information please see the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Guide to Healthy Sleep.


Watch this quick video on Sleep Apnea:


Try It Before You Buy It!

Try It Before You Buy It!

Have you ever wanted to try a CPAP or BiLevel unit before buying it? CPAP Supply USA would like to inform you of our Rental Machines Program. Our rental program is one of the best options to consider when comparison shopping for the PAP unit that will work best for your personal and clinical needs. We have an array of CPAP and BiPAP units available through our program, and we are sure we have one that will fit your needs. Maybe you require a different type of PAP unit for a special trip (perhaps a travel CPAP?), or are simply having your regular unit repaired. Whatever the case, CPAP Supply USA has an option for you.


These are just a few of the brands we have available: ResMed, DeVilbiss, Respironics, Transcend, and more!


HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™ Battery Kit

Need something small? The HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP might be the answer. This lightweight and compact CPAP took the PAP world by storm and continues to be the go-to CPAP for travelers. And you can Try It before you Buy It! 

HDM Z1 Travel CPAP with PowerShell Battery Kit