Salter Labs® Bubble Humidifier Bottle with 6 psi alarm

Bubble Humidifier Bottle with 6 psi alarm

The 7100 Bubble Humidifier is a disposable, single-patient use device for use in health care facilities and home care. The humidifier is used to provide additional humidity to oxygen therapy for flow rates at 2 to 5 LPM. The Bubble Humidifier has a 3 PSI safety Pop-Off valve, which sounds and releases excess pressure if the oxygen tubing becomes blocked.

Product Use

  1. Wash your hands and remove the Bubble Humidifier from packaging.
  2. Use sterile, distilled or boiled tap water. If using boiled tap water, cool water to room temperature before adding to the Bubble Humidifier.
  3. Unscrew the lid and add water to the maximum level marking (290 mL) located on the side of the bottle.
  4. Replace the lid. Ensure that the threads are properly aligned and that the lid is screwed on tight.
  5. Attach the Bubble Humidifier to an oxygen source, e.g. flowmeter, oxygen concentrator or liquid tank.
  6. Test for leaks. Turn the flow to 3 LPM and block the oxygen outlet port on the Bubble Humidifier (1). A sound should emit within 5 seconds. If there is no sound, check the lid and other connections for leaks. Repeat the leak test.
  7. Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the oxygen outlet port (2) and adjust oxygen flow to the prescribed setting.
  8. Check for bubbles in the water. If there are no bubbles check for leaks. If the device sounds, check for tubing obstruction.
  9. Apply your nasal cannula or oxygen mask.
  10. If water level drops below the minimum level marking on the Bubble Humidifier add more water.
  11. Empty and replace the water in Bubble Humidifier daily.


Cleaning Instructions

  1. Every 14 days wash the Bubble Humidifier with warm soapy water. Use a non-scented, lotion free liquid dish detergent. If you use tap water in your Bubble Humidifier, clean the Bubble Humidifier every 3 days to help prevent buildup of mineral deposits. Do not use bleach or ammonia solutions to clean your device.
  2. Rinse the Bubble Humidifier thoroughly with clean water.
  3. After cleaning the device, visually inspect to ensure that it is clean. Repeat cleaning if necessary.
  4. Replace the Bubble Humidifier every 90 days (3 months), or sooner if unable to remove mineral deposits by cleaning.


  • Latex free
  • 360 degrees molded, low resistance, high output diffuser head design
  • Audible 6psi pop off alarm
  • Jar permanently etched with large print minimum and maximum water levels

This disposable humidifier from Salter Labs has a 6psi pop off audible safety alarm, large easy to grip quad style wind nut, easy flow dome lid design combined with a unique 360 degrees diffuser that helps to reduce rain-out. Easy jar to lid assembly with half turn positive seal with no gasket required, permanent maximum and minimum water level indicators will not wash, wear or rub off.

  • Manufacturer:Salter Labs
  • User:Universal
  • Product Weight:1.00
  • Part Type:Oxygen Accessory
  • Weight:1.000000
  • Prescription Required:No
  • Included in Box:1 humidifier bottle