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  • Designed to work with all major brands and styles of CPAP Masks.
  • Allows greater freedom of movement during sleep.
  • Prevents leaks and mask pressure points on the face.
  • Provides multiple positioning for sleeping on the side, stomach, or back.
  • Includes washable pillow case
This SleePAP Pillow is designed with two layers of cooling Polar Foam (Memory Foam) that surround and are laminated to a foam core; a stretch knit nap casing allows the pillow to easily conform to the head and provides a cool surface for comfort, and a zip off washable polyester cover. Designed by a CPAP user, this pillow improves comfort and compliance by addressing common issues with pillows and CPAP therapy, including side-sleeping, bulky CPAP masks, and CPAP tube placement. Click on the more pictures button above to see how this pillow was designed specifically for CPAP users.

The SleePAP Pillow family also carries this same style pillow with a polyester core and a Polar Foam and polyester core mix. You can find these pillows by clicking on the following links (Polyester Core SKU SS6339) or (Polar Foam and Polyester Blend SKU PF6339GENESIS).

Bedding products (bed pillows, mattress covers, etc) are NOT available for returns.

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  • Dimensions:26" long and 20" wide - Standard Queen size
  • Materials Used:Polar Foam core with a stretch knit nap casing, and a zip-off polyester cover
  • Our Thoughts:We are very excited to have the SleePAP Pillow in our range of products. Designed by us for you, we hope you will make it part of your therapy systems.
  • Brand/Manufacturer:Hudson Industries Inc.

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Product Reviews for the Polar Foam SleePAP Pillow (PF6339)

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by on March 8, 2011

I love this pillow! I like that it is so firm and doesnt change position.

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by on May 8, 2013

This one is firm allright, especially when cold, but if it wasn't firm it wouldn't help you at all! (Your mask would sink right into the mattress!) Took me a couple of nights to get accustomed to it, but I really like it now. Have been using it for about two years now.

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by on June 23, 2012

Way, way, way too firm. Does not conform to the side of my head. Gave me a pain in the side of my neck only after 10 minutes. Cannot use. What a waste of money. Didn't know it was not exchangeable or returnable.

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by on March 8, 2011

Too firm.

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