CPAP Humidifier Parts
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CPAP Humidifier Parts

It’s important to not only clean your CPAP humidifier regularly, but also to maintain, replace, and upgrade CPAP humidifier parts in order to prolong the life of your device.

Humidifiers are a great addition to any sleep apnea treatment, as they add moisture through your CPAP tubes to prevent dryness that can lead to a sore throat and/or dry mouth. As helpful as humidifiers can be in achieving a good night’s rest, they’re no good to you if they’re not functioning properly or if parts have not been replaced as needed. One part that needs routine maintenance is the CPAP humidifier chamber. This is the removable component of the humidifier that houses all the water within it. And without proper care, minerals can grow in the water and bacteria can build up in the tank, eventually leading to airborne pollutants. Make sure you’re following a consistent timeline and replacing your CPAP humidifier chamber often. Browse through all our CPAP humidifier parts at CPAP Supply USA to ensure you’re taking in healthy and pure air with every breath.

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