CPAP Humidifiers
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CPAP Humidifiers

Enjoy all the benefits of a CPAP humidifier by selecting one of the many options below and notice an increase in your comfort right away.

Why might I want a CPAP humidifier, you may ask? Well, if you’ve ever woken up with a dry nose, dry mouth, or sore throat, you’ve found your answer. A CPAP humidifier has settings that add pure moisture into the air which is then delivered into your airway. As the seasons progress throughout the year and change makes its way into your home, your CPAP machine can self-adjust the moisture it delivers based on the presence of humidity in the air. Typically, in cooler temperatures you’ll notice a lack of moisture flowing through your CPAP tubes, causing the dryness that you may feel. By adding a CPAP humidifier to your room, however, you will alleviate this problem. Our CPAP heated humidifiers warm the water in the CPAP chamber to create more humidity while you breathe, allowing you to enjoy the most efficient sleep apnea therapy possible. Start enhancing your sleeping experience today by adding a CPAP humidifier from CPAP Supply USA.

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