Helping to Ensure Email Delivery from CPAP SUPPLY USA

How can you help to make sure that email is delivered to your inbox?

ISPs (ex.,, and Web-based mail services (ex., Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail) use filters to keep spam out of your inbox. Sometimes they accidentally filter e-mail that you want.

Mistakes happen. There is a ton of spam, so good e-mail can be filtered out by mistake. We all have to deal, unfortunately, with the fallout of what spammers do to the Internet.

Naturally, you want to keep spam out. But you need to receive important communications, such as Support e-mail, post-order e-mails, and any other e-mail that you have specifically requested (and we only send mail that you request).

Your goal and ours is to avoid the cross-fire of the ever-escalating war between spammers and ISPs/mail services.

Using Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, or Other Web-based Mail?

Check your Bulk, Junk or Spam folder (respectively). If you find an e-mail there from us (see table below), click to indicate that it is not bulk, junk or spam. The same type of process works for all major Web-based e-mail services (ex., AOL's).

Hotmail: Click the Options link on the main menu tabs, then Safe List. Add our address to the Safe List.

Yahoo!: Click Mail Options > Filters > Add Filter and add our address.

All: Within your mail client, you should have a list of spam addresses that you have specified. Search that list and remove anything from us (see table below).

Using Outlook, Eudora or Other Client-side E-mail Software?

You may not receive e-mail you want if it has been filtered out by your ISP before they deliver it to you. This may not be as easy to resolve as Web-based e-mail. But here is what we recommend...

AOL ( Log into your AOL/AIM Webmail Account and add to your Address Book (click the Add Address button to add to your "People I Know" list). Check AOL's help for additional details, if required. You could also indicate "not spam" in AOL's Webmail.

Other ISPs (ex.,,,,,, They intentionally are impossible to reach. They don't want to argue. Either use their Web-based e-mail to indicate that mail from SiteSell is not spam or switch to Gmail or Yahoo! Mail (the most reliable mail delivery systems).

To Receive E-mail That You Have Missed...

OK, you have either indicated that our e-mail is not junk or you have switched your address to Yahoo! Mail or Gmail (if your ISP will not help you out). And now you want to receive "that missing mail." Just send us an email with your name and order information. We will forward a new email along as soon as possible.

Our Email Addresses

Email from us will usually arrive from one of these sources.
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