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The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's F&P Icon™ is the company's latest and most advanced continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The F&P Icon™ was designed following in-depth patient and clinical feedback. With a dedicated team of experts, including sleep scientists and doctors, engineers and industrial designers, working on its creation for more than three years, the result is the sleep product that doctors have been asking for.

The F&P Icon™ integrates Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's leading technologies into one compact and stylish unit to deliver a better nights sleep for patients.

ThermoSmart™ technology is at the forefront of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's humidification philosophy and recent clinical evidence shows why:
  • It provides a more comfortable CPAP experience1
  • It improves sleep quality and total sleep time2
  • It lowers nasal airway resistance for 10% lower pressure3
  • It eliminates condensation4

A recent study found that ThermoSmart™ was the only CPAP device in the study to deliver average absolute humidity greater than 27 mg/L and the only CPAP device to deliver high levels of humidity without causing any condensate4.

As it comes in three different models, the F&P Icon™ is versatile and can provide therapy to a large cross section of OSA patients.
  • The Auto provides flexibility in pressure modes and full efficacy reporting
  • The Premo meets demand for fixed pressure and full efficacy reporting
  • The Novo is a standard CPAP with basic compliance reporting

The versatile F&P Icon™ Auto can be used as a titration and long term treatment solution for patients, particularly those experiencing:
  • Pressure intolerance
  • Pressure requirements greater than 10 cmH2O
  • REM or positional OSA
  • Incomplete laboratory titration
  • Planned weight changes (e.g. future bariatric surgery)
  • Returning symptoms after long-term CPAP use

Another feature of the F&P Icon™ is SensAwake™, a technology with the ability to sense the pattern of irregular breathing which occurs at the transition from sleep to awake, and promptly reduces pressure to aid the transition back to sleep.*5

The F&P Icon™ also includes InfoSmart™ technologies, which provide a range of communication and reporting options to suit the patient management preferences of individual medical practices.

Stylish, compact and designed in neutral colors, the F&P Icon™ discreetly blends into the bedroom environment. It also comes with full digital clock and alarm capabilities, freeing up space on the night-stand.

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*SensAwake™ is only available in the Auto model of the F&P Icon™.
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