Newsletter March 2011

CPAP Supply USA Newsletter - March 2011

Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

Traveling with Your CPAP Machine   As the spring and summer vacation seasons begin, we'd like to give CPAP users some helpful travel tips. Whether traveling overseas, taking a domestic flight, or just camping a few hours from home, there are some considerations when taking your machine with you on your travels. In our article, find information about:
  • Packing Your CPAP - To check your machine or to carry-on?
  • Going through Airport Security - How to make the process as painless as possible.
  • Overnight flights - Can I use my CPAP on the plane?
  • When You Arrive - Does my CPAP work here?
  • Power Options - Can I take my CPAP camping?
Read more about traveling with your CPAP»

View the new Quattro FX CPAP Mask at CPAP Supply USA  

The New ResMed Quattro FX Mask

Just when we thought ResMed couldn't outdo their very popular Mirage Quattro, they surprised us with the debut of the ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask. This mask builds on the proven platform of the original Quattro, adding new features to deliver an even more comfortable and lightweight solution.

The Quattro FX allows full face CPAP mask users something most masks cannot - a clear field of vision. It's lightweight and unobtrusive design means not only is the mask more comfortable to sleep in, it's also easier fit, easier to clean, and easier to wear...Read more about the new Quattro FX Full Face Mask»

Try the Transcend for 30 Days - A Money-Back Guarantee


The manufacturer of the new Transcend CPAP machine is now offering a 30 day guarantee on every purchase of the new Transcend Wearable CPAP at CPAP Supply USA. This revolutionary CPAP design incorporates a very small CPAP unit that hooks to headgear and can be worn... Read more about the new Transcend CPAP»

The New Transcend CPAP Machine

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