Newsletter April 2011

CPAP Supply USA Newsletter - March 2011

Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Tips for Better Sleep

Did you know that up to 40% of adults experience insomnia. And while the sales of pharmaceutical sleep treatments continue to soar, there are natural remedy choices available to help you get better sleep.

Did you know that studies have shown both valerian and melatonin to be effective remedies to help you get to sleep? Did you know that magnesium and calcium supplements can increase the quality of your sleep? Did you know that lavender essential oils work by helping you drift off easily?

We've covered the most effective sleep remedies in our newest article, as well as providing you a few lifestyle tips and tricks to help with your sleep routine. Click for the full article.

Read our article about natural sleep remedies┬╗

  Natural Remedies for Better Sleep
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The New Respironics GoLife for Men - Simple, Stable, and Just for Men

The newest mask available in the Respironics product line, the GoLife for Men Nasal Pillows Mask was designed specifically for male CPAP users.

Built to comfortably fit the larger contours common to the male face, the GoLife for Men is the first mask built especially for men. In addition to its benefits for male users, the GoLife is comfortable, easy to wear and use, and stable on your face while you sleep...Read more about the new GoLife for Men Nasal Interface┬╗

Try a New Mask for 30 Days with MASK ASSURANCE

Did you know that CPAP Supply USA offers Mask Assurance with your CPAP mask purchase? Purchasing Mask Assurance allows you to return your mask for a refund for a full 30 days after your mask purchase. Mask Assurance is great for customers trying a new CPAP mask. Try the mask, and return it if it doesn't work for you... Read more about our Mask Assurance Program┬╗

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