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Sleep8 test - Confidence in CPAP Cleanliness

Sanitizing your CPAP machine’s accessories is a required activity for sleep apnea therapy. No matter the brand of your CPAP machine, all require routine cleaning and sanitizing. While you might follow the recommended cleaning schedule from your machine’s manual, you might also want to clean more frequently to avoid bacteria and build-ups.

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing System

This easy to use sanitizing system kills 99% of bacteria that lead to mold, sinus infections, and other illnesses through its Activated Oxygen System. The Sleep8 is charged through a provided USB charger, is virtually silent while in use, and works at the press of a button. Simply place your mask, tubing, and empty water-chamber in the Sanitizing Bag and let Sleep8 do the rest.

Benefits of Using Sleep8

  • Reduces chances of sinus infections & other illnesses
  • Sanitizes your CPAP accessories with a push of a button
  • Waterless and small making it exceptionally travel friendly
  • Easy to use with no chemicals needed
  • Users experience better rest with clean CPAP accessories
  • Can be used on heated and non-heated tubes

Hazards of Un-Sanitized CPAP Accessories

  • Bacteria that grows in the mask, tubing, and water-chamber
  • Sinus and other upper-respiratory infections
  • Ineffective sleep apnea therapy
  • Faster wear on CPAP accessories
  • Odor or foul smell in mask or tubing
  • Skin irritation

Sanitizing CPAP Accessories in 3 Simple Steps with the Sleep8

  1. Open the Sleep8 Bag and find the valve, detach your CPAP tube and attach to the valve inside of the bag. 
  2. Once connected place the rest of your tubing, mask, and empty water chamber inside of the bag and zip the bag closed.
  3. Lastly connect the Sleep8 device to the outside of the bag using the triangular valve, power on your Sleep8 device and let it do the work of sanitizing your CPAP accessories for you!


Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing System

The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing SystemThe Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing System