Romax BreatheLight Tubing 6 ft

Romax BreatheLight CPAP Tubing 6 ft

BreatheWear Thermal CPAP Tubing Cover

Thermal CPAP Tubing Cover - BreatheWear, 8 Feet

Zippered CPAP Tube Wrap

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6 foot zippered CPAP tube wrap
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This 6 foot zippered CPAP tube wrap is designed the help eliminate rainout in your CPAP tube and also provide a more comfortable and smooth surface to your CPAP hose.

'Rain out' occurs when water gathers in your CPAP tubing, causing a gurgling sound, due to the condensation caused by humidified air hitting colder temperatures within the tubing. This product is great for individuals who keep a colder bedroom (a common cause of 'rain out') or for anyone who finds water in their tubing or CPAP mask during the night.

The convenient design includes a zipper for the entire length of the wrap, and lightweight and machine washable material making this a great addition for your CPAP therapy.
  • Manufacturer:AG Industries
  • Part Type:Tubing Wrap
  • Weight:0.500000
  • Condition:New
  • Prescription Required:No
  • Dimensions:6 Foot Length
  • HCPCS :N/A
  • Included in Box:Single 6 foot tube wrap
  • Cost Account:500110-50-348
  • Other Information:N/A
  • Revenue Account:500110-50-348
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