Transcend Micro CPAP Travel Machine


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As the world's smallest and lightest CPAP machine, the Transcend Micro CPAP offers portability and convenience like no other. Weighing in at just under 0.5 lbs and measuring just under 4 inches wide, the Transcend Micro is the ideal sleep companion to receive the CPAP therapy you need, wherever life takes you.

Quiet Operation

Get ready for serene sleep thanks to the Transcend Micro's whisper-quiet performace, made possible by the innovative WhisperSoft™ Muffler.

Universal Compatibility

Featuring a standard 22 mm connection, the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP machine is compatible with the majority of CPAP masks, giving you the flexibility and freedom to use your favorite mask for therapy at home and on your travels.


For travelers, the Transcend Micro is FAA-compliant for in-flight use, ensuring sleep therapy remains uninterrupted during trips. Enjoy personalized comfort with features like GentleRise™ Adjustable Ramp and AirRelief™ Pressure Adjustments, tailored to individual therapy needs.

The Transcend Travel CPAP system includes the following:

  • Transcend Micro CPAP Machine
  • Transcend Micro AirFlex™ 6-Foot Hose
  • Transcend WhisperSoft™ Micro Muffler
  • Transcend Micro PureFresh Air Filter
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Transcend Micro Quick Guide
  • Manufacturer:Transcend
  • Brand:Transcend
  • Dimensions:3.6 in x 3.6“ x 2.4“
  • Product Finder Type:Machines
  • Prescription Required:Yes
  • Ramp:0-45 mins
  • Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Pressure Range:4-20 cm/H2O
  • Maximum Pressure:30 cm H2O
  • Operating Environment:41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)
  • Operating Altitude:N/A
  • Operating Range:10% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Storage Environment:
    Storage/transport temperature range: -4 to 140ºF (-20 to 60ºC)
    Storage/transport humidity range: 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Sound Level:27 dBA
  • Noise Level:27 dBA
  • Included In Box:
    Trancend Micro CPAP device
    Transcend Micro AirFlex™ 6-foot hose
    Transcend WhisperSoft™ Muffler Kit (Packaged separately)
    Transcend travel pouch
    AC power adapter
    2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Integrated Battery:Transcend PowerAway P8 Battery: 14.4 VDC, 5,200 mAH
  • AC Input Range:100-240VAC, 50-60Hz,
  • DC Output:18VDC, 1.67 Amp
  • GTIN:00196852591916
  • Others:with Bluetooth
  • Weight:0.480000