Reusable Flexible Tubing Grey 10 ft.

Reusable Flexible Tubing Grey 10 ft.

ResMed ClimateLine™ Tubing

ResMed ClimateLine™ Tubing

Tube Clean & Hang System

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The Tube Clean & Hang System by AG Industries has revolutionized CPAP tube management!

Tired of hanging your tubing almost anywhere to get it dry? Or do you find it difficult to store the tubing after cleaning? Is your CPAP tubing getting a thorough cleaning? Well, search and wonder no more the Tube Clean & Hang System is the answer to your CPAP tubing maintenance problems.

Easy to Use

  • Easy placement with suction attachment or hanging hook
  • End caps provided to cap off the tubing for thorough solution cleaning
  • Once your cleaning solution is secure in the tubing, tubing is securely placed on hang system
  • With the Tube Clean & Hang System, you able clean, soak, and dry without complications!

  • Cleaning

    1. Use our Citrus II CPAP Tubing Cleaner or your own vinegar and water solution (1 part vinegar and 3 parts water).
    2. Cap tubing and pour solution into the tubing and cap the other end
    3. Gently vibrate the tubing to move the solution around
    4. Hang the tubing on the hang system to soak
    5. After soaking for 30 minutes, uncap the tubing at 1 end and pour the solution out and remove the other cap
    6. Rinse with warm water and return the tubing to the hang system to dry

    The end result will be a clean, fresh, and dry CPAP tube ready for a compliant CPAP therapy session!

    Included in the box

  • 1 tube cradle

  • 1 hook attachment

  • 1 suction cup attachment

  • 2 caps

  • Please Note: This tube hanger DOES NOT work with heated tubing.

    • Manufacturer:AG Industries
    • Part Type:Cleaning Supplies
    • Weight:0.500000
    • Condition:New
    • Prescription Required:No
    • HCPCS :N/A
    • Included in Box:1 tube cradle, 1 hook attachment, 1 suction cup attachment, 2 caps
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