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Medistrom Car Charger for Pilot-12/ DC Converter

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Boomerang Gel Pad


This product has been discontinued by its manufacturer.

The Boomerang Gel Pad™ by AG Industries offers you, the CPAP user a cost effective way to combat skin irritations sometimes caused during CPAP therapy. This soft gel pad is placed on the bridge of the nose to guard the area while wearing the mask consequently leaving your skin intact. Red rashes or marks may be a problem of the past with the Boomerang Gel Pad™ if used properly.

Easy to Use

  • Wash pad prior to each use
  • The Boomerang Gel Pad™ is to be placed on the bridge of the nose
  • Mask is then positioned and fitted normally over the pad
  • Replace Boomerang Gel Pad™ every 30 days to ensure proper usage

  • Cleaning your Boomerang Gel Pad™

  • You will need: 1. Warm water 2. Mild soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Warm water and mild soap: Gently rubbing your fingers across the pad to eliminate buildup
  • Hand Sanitizer Option: Use a small amount of hand sanitizer to gently rub off buildup
  • After cleaning the pad with one of the above methods, run warm water over the entire pad to clean off any soap or hand sanitizer residue
  • Let the pad air dry; not in direct sunlight

  • Available Sizes

    Petite/Small – AGGELPAD-PS
    Medium/Large – AGGELPAD-ML
    • Manufacturer:AG Industries
    • Part Type:Cushion
    • Weight:1.000000
    • Prescription Required:No
    • Dimensions:N/A
    • Included in Box:Single Cushion
    • Other Information:A great new comfort accessory that eases pressure point pain.
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