Rental Machines Policy

Our Machine Rental program allows our customers to purchase a 35-day (including transit) rental period on many of our machines (CPAP, Auto CPAP, and Bi-Level) and heated humidifiers. With this trial period, you can have the option of testing a new type of machine for a full 30 days prior to making an actual purchase. Many of our customers have expressed concern about switching to a new type of machine or new manufacturer and do not want to spend a large amount of money on a machine they do not like. With the Machine Rental Program, you have the ability to test many of our most popular machines and their special features for a fraction of the cost.

You can also enjoy a rental machine during times where your machine is being returned or repaired under your manufacturer’s warranty. Instead of spending sleepless nights waiting on the return of your machine, purchase a rental period at CPAP Supply USA and sleep soundly for whatever amount of time it takes to repair your broken unit.

All machines and humidifiers are sanitized and sent to you with new tubing and a new filter. Machines are due back to our office on the 35th day after the date of purchase (including transit time). A deposit of $250 will be charged at the time of purchase and refunded when we receive the machine back in the original packaging. We carry many different brands of machines in our rental fleet, you choose what type of machine you need (CPAP, Auto CPAP, or BiPAP, with or without a humidifier) and we will send you the next available machine that matches your request. The brand of the machine you receive is solely chosen by CPAP Supply USA

After your completed purchase of a rental machine through (subject to applicable shipping costs as defined in our Shipping Policy), we will send your sanitized machine with one new span of tubing and one new foam filter. The machine rental period lasts for only 30 days. From the date of your placed order, we allow for a TOTAL of 35 days (including transit time to reach our office) for one rental period.

Prescriptions are required for the rental machine. If you have purchased a machine at prior to your rental purchase, please notify us as we may have your prescription on file. If not, please fax your prescription to us at 866.560.4227 or email a scanned copy to A copy of the prescription must be received before we will ship your rental machine. Please send a copy of your prescription within 7 business days. Please note that any canceled order due to lack of prescription will be charged an administrative fee of 10% at time of refund. We do not allow customers to order a mask with mask assurance while renting a machine. Please contact us directly if you are having difficulty obtaining a prescription.

Home Sleep Test Rental Policy

Home Sleep Tests are rented for a period of 1 to 2 Weeks. The return of the HST is critical for the download and diagnostic process. If the HST unit is not returned, or it is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair the renter is responsible for the cost of the HST unit. A HST unit deemed damaged beyond repair is determined by the manufacturer. The cost for replacement will be the responsibility of the renter. If a HST unit can be repaired, the renter will be responsible for the repair cost which is determined by the manufacturer. Any HST that is stolen, lost, or not returned will be the responsibility of the renter. The cost of the HST unit will be determined by the manufacturer.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Please fell free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. We are available via email at, or via telephone at 1-866-560-CPAP.

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