Respironics 15MM Heated Tube for DreamStation

Philips Respironics 6 foot Heated CPAP Tubing for DreamStation

ResMed HumidAir™ CPAP Cleanable Water Tub

Humidifier Chamber for Respironics DreamStation CPAP Machines

BreatheWear Halo® Chin Strap



  • Customized strap positioning
  • Easy to wear
  • Easily adjustable
  • Unique HALO design
  • Pull tabs for easy release
BreatheWear offers the finest in replacement CPAP headgear and CPAP chin straps. Halo® Chin Strap is a reusable accessory worn by a sleep apnea patient to keep the mouth closed during sleep. The Halo® Chin Strap is a chin support of unique design for comfort and stability. The chin support itself is made of a breathable, flexible fabric with two adjustable Velcro® ends that feed through the one-piece halo that is worn over the crown of the head. The user may tighten/loosen the fit by adjusting the chin strap on either side of the head. The Halo® Chin Strap will accommodate a wide range of head sizes up to a maximum circumference of 26" from chin to crown of head.

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