Circadiance SleepWeaver CPAP Masks

Discover SleepWeaver cloth CPAP masks, a revolutionary line of sleep apnea masks designed to provide optimal comfort.

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Circadiance's SleepWeaver masks incorporate unique, innovative features to address the issues of conventional hard plastic masks, including air leakage, skin irritation, discomfort from pressure sores, and more. With a lightweight, soft-cloth design, Circadiance SleepWeaver masks provide flexibility and ease of movement for active sleepers while offering a secure, comfortable seal against the patient's face. At CPAP Supply USA, we carry nasal masks, full face masks, and other CPAP mask styles from this popular brand. Keep in mind that a prescription is required for purchasing SleepWeaver cloth CPAP masks – to help us verify your prescription, simply submit your physician's contact information or send in a copy of your prescription via fax or email.

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