Innomed Nasal Aire II Petite Pediatric CPAP Mask & Headgear



  • Lightweight design allows for extended duration without discomfort.
  • No uncomfortable pressure points on the face.
  • User can sleep in any position.
  • Promotes patient compliance.
  • Built-in swivel for freedom of movement.
  • Minimal parts, easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free.
  • Contains no latex
  • Smaller sizes than the standard Nasal Aire II, excellent for pediatric use.
Certified by the FDA as approved for pediatrics. Smaller-sized patients can benefit from superior Innomed Nasal-Aire II Technology with Micro Headgear. Lightweight, soft, comfortable and quiet, the Innomed Nasal-Aire II Petite CPAP Nasal Interface is the smart choice for patients with smaller nostrils. Hanging tubing reduces moisture build-up underneath the nose. Patients can rest comfortably in various positions without the restriction of traditional nasal CPAP masks and cumbersome headgear. Easy to fit, ergonomically designed Micro headgear with patented elbow feature reduces facial pressure points for added patient comfort.
The Petite CPAP Nasal Interface consists of a soft nasal insert, which has exhaust ports and two soft silicone nasal cannulas for fitting in the nostrils. It also consists of tubing, connectors, headgear, and a Y-shaped swivel coupling. At the base of the swivel coupling is a rigid port for connection to standard CPAP tubing. The PETITE offers five smaller sizes below the XSMALL size of the standard Nasal-Aire II.

Please choose a size option when ordering. Sizes available are:
NHPA401 - Petite A
NHPB402 - Petite B
NHPC403 - Petite C
NHPD404 - Petite D
NHPE405 - Petite E

  • Manufacturer:Innomed
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