Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Philips Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SimplyGo Mini Extended Ion Battery

Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini Ion Battery

Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator


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The SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the latest and greatest in portable oxygen therapy. Rigorously tested to be reliable and durable, the SimplyGo Mini provides all the comfort of the SimplyGo on a smaller and lighter scale. It has the ability to deliver nearly 20% more oxygen than the nearest competitive POC weighing 5 lbs or less. The easy-to-use and read LCD touchscreen makes choosing between the 5 pulse dose setting quick and simple. The SimplyGo Mini was designed to help you stay active. Go anywhere and do anything with freedom.


SimplyGo Mini is a reliable, powerful choice in lightweight portable oxygen concentrators!

Are you living your life? Taking trips to the store, museum or a musical? Spending weekends away with friends and family? If you use portable oxygen, SimplyGo Mini is a powerful choice for a reliable and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that can help you do what you want, when you want.


Reliability you can count on.

During development, SimplyGo Mini was rigorously tested in real world environments including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.

Simply portable

From a walk in the park to an overnight trip, SimplyGo Mini may help you remain active and provide you with flexibility while on the go.


SimplyGo Mini offers easy-to-change lithium ion battery options with standard AC and DC power cords that add convenience and flexibility.

Available battery options:

  • Standard battery for battery duration up to 4.5 hours * (pulse setting of 2 at 20 BPM). Resulting in total SimplyGo Mini weight of 5 lbs.
  • Extended battery for battery duration up to 9 hours * (pulse setting of 2 at 20 BPM). Resulting in total SimplyGo Mini weight of 6 lbs.


Built for the demands of today’s active patients

At Philips Respironics, we have earned our reputation for designing and building excellence into all of our products. Now, with SimplyGo Mini, you can offer your patients the choice for excellence in lightweight portable oxygen concentrators.

Durability matters to your business

When you place a POC with a patient, you need to know that it’s going to have the reliability and ruggedness to help your business eliminate recurring oxygen delivery costs and cylinder hassles; reduce maintenance costs; ease inventory management; and minimize patient calls.

Simply smart design

As the smallest and lightest POC ever developed by Philips Respironics, SimplyGo Mini is built for today’s patients with features like: attractive and sleek design; easy-to-remove external battery; light weight intuitive, easy-to-read screen; and a strong, comfortable carrying case.

The Right Fit

SimplyGo Mini is part of the Right Fit, a complete portfolio of oxygen products and programs inspired by patients and built for business.

  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • DC Power Options:DC power provided by the DC Power Supply will charge the battery when the device is turned off or is running on setting 1, 2, or 3
  • Dimensions:9.4 in x 8.3 in x 3.6 in (standard battery) (23.9 cm x 21.1 cm x 9.1 cm)
    10.2 in x 8.3 in x 3.6 in (extended battery) (25.9 cm x 21.1 cm x 9.1 cm)
  • Weight:5.000000
  • Weight with Battery:
    5 lbs. (2.3 kg) with standard battery installed
    6 lbs. (2.7 kg) with extended battery installed
  • Sound Level:42 dBA typical at setting 2 and 20 BPM
    48 dBA typical at setting 5 and 20 BPM (when measured at 1 m from front of device)
    Maximum Sound Power of 63 dBA and Maximum Sound Pressure level of 55 dBA per ISO 80601-2-69
  • Oxygen Purity:At least 87% at all settings (maximum of 96%)  (Based on atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psia (101kPa) at 70°F (21°C)
  • Max Outlet Pressure:20 psig
  • AC Input Range:Type Philips Respironics REF 1116818
    Input 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Output 19 VDC, 6.3 A max
    Power Consumption 120 W while charging
  • DC Output:19 +/- 5% VDC, 6.3 A
  • AC Power:
         Input 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
         Output 19 VDC, 6.3 A max
         Power consumption 120 W while charging
  • DC Power:
         Input 12 – 16 VDC
         Output 19 +/- 5% VDC, 6.3 A
  • Alarm Type:No breath, low oxygen concentration, high breath rate, technical fault, low battery, no flow, depleted battery, external power failure
  • Battery:Lithium ion 14.4 VDC (nominal)
    Standard Battery Extended Battery (equals 2 standard batteries)
  • Battery Duration:Up to 4.5 hours (Pulse setting of 2 at 20 BPM with Standard battery) Up to 9 hours (Pulse setting of 2 at 20 BPM with Extended battery)
  • Battery Weight:
    Standard = 1.1 Lbs
    Extended = 2.1 Lbs (Approx)
  • Battery Dimensions:
    Standard battery: 7.9 in. x 3.6 in. x 1.0 in. (20.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 2.5 cm)
    Extended battery: 7.9 in. x 3.6 in. x 1.9 in. (20.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 4.8 cm)
  • Battery Recharge Time:4 hours maximum
  • Average Power Consumption:120 W while charging
  • Operating Temperature:41° F to 95° F (5° C to 35° C)
  • Operating Humidity:15% to 93%
  • Operating Altitude:Up to 10,000 ft/3,048 m
  • Operating Conditions:
         Operational temperature: 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F)
         Relative humidity:15% to 93%
         Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa to 1010 hPa
         Altitude: up to 10,000 ft. (3048 m.)
  • Storage Environment:-20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F) - unit only Relative humidity: up to 93%, non condensing
  • Flow Range:+/-15% at STPD +/-25% over the rated environmental range
  • Humidity Range:Relative humidity: 15% to 93%
  • Included in Box:
    POC Device in Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
    User Manual
    Standard Rechargeable Battery
    AC Power Supply and Cord
    DC Power Supply
  • Inspiratory trigger sensitivity:≤ 0.2 cm H2 O
  • Prescription Required:Yes
  • Recharge Time:Maximum recharge time is 4 hours for the standard battery and 8 hours for the extended battery from fully discharged to fully charged, depending on the power source and usage�
  • Warranty:3 Year Warranty