CPAP Bleep DreamPorts 32 Count (16 Nights)


Bleep DreamPorts are disposable adhesive covers for the nostrils for use with the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution Nasal Mask. The DreamPorts are designed to function as an extension of the nostrils, connecting to the Bleep Mask, and providing therapy airflow directly into the nose.

Works Best With a Clean Face

For optimal results, it's important to make sure the nose is clean and free from any oils, makeup, or dirt; as this can impact the quality of the seal. For best results, consider using Bleep DreamPreps Facial Wipes to make sure the nose is completely clean and ready for use with the DreamPorts. Avoid cleaning the nose with soap, as some soaps have lotion, and can impact the seal of the adhesive.

For the first few nights you use the Bleep, the manufacturer recommends standing in front of a mirror. Once in front of a mirror, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the DreamPort Nostril Covers from the pad. You will need 2 each night.
  2. Tilt your head back so you can see your nostrils clearly.
  3. Carefully line up and center the DreamPort so it can function as an extension of your nostrils. Avoid placing over the cartilage of the nose, as this can disrupt airflow.
  4. Follow the same steps when applying the DreamPort to your other nostril.
  5. If you're not able to breathe well, you may need to adjust the DreamPorts so they line up correctly. The airflow may be partially covered by tape.
  6. Adjust the DreamPort as needed until you're able to breathe easily.
  • Brand:Sunset Healthcare
  • Manufacturer:Sunset Healthcare

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