CAIRE FreeStyle™ Comfort DC Power Cord


Replacement DC Power Cord for the FreeStyle™ Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator.


DC power is for use in the accessory outlets of automobiles, boat, or other motor vehicles. The FreeStyle Comfort is fully functional for use on DC power. The FreeStyle Comfort will also recharge the battery pack if needed any time DC power is available. The battery pack will recharge both if the unit is off, or on and in use.

  1. Turn on your motor vehicle.
  2. Connect the DC power supply to the power port receptacle front, bottom right side of the Free- Style Comfort. Be sure to push inward so that the connection is secure.
  3. Connect the opposite end of the DC power cord to the automobile or other DC accessory outlet
  4. Turn on the FreeStyle Comfort by pressing the power button and select your prescribed flow setting utilizing the increase (+) or decrease (-) flow buttons.
  • Application:Power
  • Manufacturer:CAIRE
  • Color:Black
  • For Use With:FreeStyle Comfort
  • Included in Box:1 Cable with car outlet