3B Medical Lumin® Bullet

3B Medical Lumin® Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner

CPAP Tube Brush 5' X 15mm

CPAP Tube Brush 5' X 15mm

CPAP Tube Brush 5' X 19mm

This CPAP tube brush will help you keep your tubing clean
Every CPAP user should one of these brushes to maintain and ensure the best possible therapy. Clean therapy means compliant therapy. This brush is designed for the 22mm tubing with a 5 foot stem and 19mm brush. The brush softly cleans the inner part of the tubing removing possible debris in those impossible to reach nooks. Get one today and make it a part of your CPAP cleaning routine.

Your tubing should be cleaned every week using one our many cpap cleaning products. You can also refer to our Maintenance Tips Blog for more information on how to keep your equipment clean.
  • Manufacturer:Sunset
  • Part Type:Hose Management
  • Weight:0.500000
  • Prescription Required:No
  • Dimensions:N/A
  • Included in Box:One 19mm tube brush
  • Cost Account:500110-50-348
  • Other Information:Now available in two sizes - 19mm for standard CPAP tubing and 15mm for SlimLine tube cleaning
  • Revenue Account:500110-50-348
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