Pari LC® D Disposable Nebulizer



  • The PARI LC® D Disposable Nebulizer is used to deliver aerosolized medication to the lungs, with patients for whom a physician has prescribed medication for aerosol treatments in a home, doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic environment
  • This product should be replaced at least every 15 treatments, or 15 days, whichever is first
  • It is not heat resistant. It will deform if cleaned in the dishwasher, boiled, autoclaved or cold sterilized
  • Manufacturer:PARI
  • Manufacturer Part Number:022H71P50
  • Weight:2.000000
  • Included in Box:1 Nebulizer
  • Usage:Single Patient Use
  • HCPCS :A7016
  • Warranty:N/A

Parts and Accessories
for the Pari LC® D Disposable Nebulizer