RemZzzs Mask Liners for Nasal Masks


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RemZzzs is an accessory to your mask , made from a special blend of naturally absorbent fibers that are designed to help absorb facial oil and moisture. Up until now, engineers and sleep professionals have been trying to solve the age old problem that occurs when silicone comes in contact with the human face--perspiration. When we sweat, a mask's silicone cushion tends to lose its seal. This increased moisture usually results in a loss of air pressure, setting off an entire chain of events that can end with scenarios like: burping and squealing noises from air leaks, constantly re-adjusting your mask, red marks and skin irritation, never really getting a good nights' rest, or eventually just throwing your mask on the floor! You can think of it like this: RemZzzs(TM) will help you and your mask become friends. This is possible because of the patent pending design acts as a barrier between the skin of your face and the silicone of your mask's cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask.

The RemZzz'z mask liners will work for the ResMed Activa/LT, Mirage Micro, Ultra Mirage II, Fisher & Paykel Zest, Respironics ComfortGel, Comfort Classic, Pro Lite, Comfort Select,and Comfort Fusion.

The package contains 6 liners

Please choose a size option above when ordering. Sizes available are:
S9-NL - LARGE for Respironics
S8-NM - MEDIUM for Respironics
S7-NS - SMALL for Respironics
S12-NL - LARGE for Fisher & Paykel and ResMed
S11-NM - MEDIUM for Fisher & Paykel and ResMed
S10-NS - SMALL for Fisher & Paykel and ResMed

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