Philips Respironics PAP Travel Bag/Briefcase

Respironics PAP Travel Bag

Respironics offers the Ultimate Convenience for Travelers!

  • FAA approved maximum carry-on size
  • Briefcase and Carry-On in one
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder and handle straps
  • Several zip compartments
  • Outer side panels for easy access
  • High grade durable polyester interior and exterior

  • Convenience

    Consolidate all your carry-on items into one bag and include your PAP device. Give your shoulder and back a rest with the convenience of one carry-on and all you need for a safe, compliant, and comfortable trip anywhere. Take your laptop, magazines, PAP device and other small necessities along for the ride. There are several compartments with zip closures for your convenience and security of your items.

    Get your Respironics PAP Travel Bag today and make your travel plans knowing you can have it all in this compact travel bag. Airport security checkpoints can be faster with less carry-ons and remember your PAP device can stay within the bag per TSA regulations. The look of the Respironics PAP Travel bag is professional and stylish; a well designed bag with PAP user's convenience in mind.

    • Dimensions:22" Width x 14" Height x 9" Depth
    • Included in Box:1 PAP Briefcase
    • Prescription Required:No
    • Length:9"
    • Width:22"
    • Height:14"
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