SnuggleScent Aromatherapy

SnuggleScent Aromatherapy for CPAP Machines is truly an innovative solution for a common CPAP problem. We are excited to have this product available for our CPAP users. We recommend lightly moistening the elephant pad with water before adding only a few drops of oil. Doing this will dilute the oil a bit which is good for inhalation therapy. Without diluting, the oil may be too strong. Diluting the oil will also make the oils last longer as you will use less oil with each application. Directions for use:
  • Moisten the pad
  • Add a few drops of aromatic oil
  • Place the elephant pad in the slot on the wooden stand (pad and stand sold seperately)
  • "Park" it near the air intake on your cpap machine
  • Use the plastic zip bag to store the pad when not in use

Available scents are:

Chamomile (headaches, insomnia, anxiety, stress)
Cinnamon (circulation, aphrodisiac, pain, warming)
Jasmine (headache, depression, stress)
Lavandin (insomnia, headache, stress)
Lemon (fever, pain, detox)
Nutmeg (sedative, joints, gas, mental fatigue)
Orange (nervous tension, stress, depression, insomnia, edema, sedative)
Peppermint (cold, flu, fever, depression, sinus, headache, sore throat)
Vanilla (aphrodisiac, warming, soothing, calming)


  • Manufacturer:SnuggleHose
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